Koorsen is an alarm company that started in a garage in Indiana in 1946. From its humble beginnings, Koorsen grew to serve six different states. In over 60 years in the alarm business, you would think that Koorsen has uncovered the secrets to providing great home security. However, you’d be wrong.

Koorsen has High Prices

If you decide to go with Koorsen, you’ll pay up to $500 in upfront costs. That’s ridiculously high. There’s no reason for a company to charge such a high upfront cost for home security. Companies that charge such a high upfront cost lead families to forgo having home security. That’s simply unconscionable.

Quick, what else could you buy with $500?

  • 354 pounds of bread
  • 135 pounds of butter
  • 3468 eggs
  • 806 pounds of bananas

Protect America has $0 in Equipment Costs

In comparison, at Protect America your set-up costs will always be free. That’s right, when you sign with Protect America, you’ll pay $0 in equipment costs. Companies like Koorsen are content with padding their bottom line with exorbitant upfront fees. At Protect America, we understand that home security is usually a decision of necessity and getting a system is hard to plan for and save for. To that end, we’ve created security packages that are affordable and accessible.

Koorsen also has high monthly rates

Since Koorsen charges half a grand in equipment costs, you might think that their monthly monitoring rates would be cheaper. That’s not correct. Koorsen’s monthly monitoring rates start at $33/month. That’s just too much.

By comparison, Protect America’s monthly monitoring rates start at just $19.99/month. Even though $13/month might not seem like a lot, over the course of your contract Koorsen will cost you $468 too much.

And, if Koorsen wakes up and realizes that they’re charging their customer too much, Protect America also offers a low price guarantee. What that means to you is that if you find a company charging a lower monthly monitoring rate, we’ll match it. If this sounds like something you would be interested, talk to a security consultant today for more information.

Need a Helping Hand? Call Protect America

At Protect America, we understand that home security can be a very difficult field to research and understand. This lack of knowledge allows companies like Koorsen to overcharge unwitting consumer. If you need a no-pressure nudge in the right direction, call Protect America’s main line for a complimentary security consultation from a home security expert.