Home security is the most important decision that a homeowner can make to protect their investment. It should be thought of before, not after, placing decorations, furniture, valuables, and of course, family, in a home. However, in many instances, people consider home security after an incident occurs that endangers their safety.


That can be avoided with a few proactive steps. In fact, home security should be considered prior to closing on a new home not only for securing the home but to also determine if there are any security vulnerabilities and determining how much a security system will cost.

Assess the Home for a La View Security System Installation

While it might not be practical to measure every section of the new home for installing a La View do-it-yourself home security system, it is highly possible to establish the parameters for the plan of action in order to install the system as quick as possible to protect valuables and family. La View Security Systems allow new and existing homeowners to build their very own surveillance system!

To prepare for a La View Security System, an assessment should include:

  1. Determine how many cameras will be needed for the exterior of the home.
  2. Assess whether the property has limited lighting at night to prepare for flood lighting.
  3. Locate the nearest fire hydrants to determine how close the fire department can reach the property.
  4. Establish how many sensors will be needed on the doors and windows during the walk-through or safety inspection.
  5. If it’s an existing home, determine if there is a current alarm hub from a previous owner.

A proactive assessment will help determine if an alarm system, such as La View, will be advantageous to secure the home or if professional installation is necessary. Not every do-it-yourself home security system is the same. A few extra steps can go a long way in reducing cost and frustration! Interested in monitored home security? Request a free quote from Protect America without any commitment!

Protect America offers something that no other company does – a lock-in rate!


Know the Deals for Essential Security Equipment

La View Security Systems are the premier do-it-yourself solutions for reducing cost and remaining in control for loved one’s safety and property valuables.

La View has a wide array of selections for homeowners to include in their home security system. The company offers surveillance products that meet industry standards, which include full HD 1080p and HD IP technology. Color light imaging is a popular choice and the night vision is enhanced with the feature. There are also stand-alone and WiFi cameras available for easy do-it-yourself installation. When it comes to deals, La View offers an abundance of opportunities for homeowners to find one that is exceptional. The company constantly has sales and deals that are geared towards providing customers as many choices as possible for their individual home security needs.

La View Product Support and Registration

The best feature of the La View Security Systems is the customization. Homeowners have the capability to decide exactly the products they want, rather than having to purchase bundles and waste money! Each La View product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a 1-year warranty on analog products, and a 2-year warranty on IP products. La View offers same day shipping. When a homeowner needs support with their installation or any security alarm-related issue, a La View representative is just a phone call away. There is lifetime tech support with each purchase! It is important to register all purchases simply by going online and filling out the registration form with all product information. La View will even send ongoing newsletters and product updates by email after a homeowner completes their product registration.

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