In today’s society, it’s impossible not to notice how much has changed with technology. There was a time when all of the current technology was thought of as being far off into the future – well, that future is here! Anyone who is of a “certain age,” might even recall a cartoon named “The Jetsons,” where the technology was so advanced that anything could be communicated in a nanosecond.


That is where the world is with technology in 2018! There is even talk about flying cars with the use of Uber! While there is no correlation between cars and home security, technology is at the root of it all.

So, how does all of this advanced technology factor into a monitored home security system?

Landline vs. Cellular

There are two ways to have a monitored home security – landline or cellular. Choosing one over the other comes down to a personal decision, but there are also advantages and disadvantages to both services. Celluar technology has changed so much over the last few decades that it makes sense to use it for home security, but there are some people who also still prefer things “the way it’s always been.” The decision ultimately depends on the type of home, which contributes greatly to the outcome. The main goal of home security is to protect loved ones, valuables, and property!

Cellular Security System

The use of a Cellular Security System has been proven to be extremely reliable. The signal from the cellular network is received from designated cellular towers, rather than relying on a traditional landline for the communication. There are constant updates to the technology and advancements throughout the entire cellular industry. The technology has helped in monitoring home security, immensely. There has been greater flexibility by using cellular services, and home monitoring companies are continuing to incorporate benefits into their services, which are very useful and accommodating to homeowners.

A Cellular Security System is also versatile and less intrusive for homeowners. There aren’t any wires to deal with, which makes the do-it-yourself installation much easier. Homeowners are able to use their current internet or cellular data plan for the security system. The major disadvantage of a wireless cellular security system is the battery consumption. With the constant drain of battery-life, there is a greater possibility of losing power. Considering monitored home security? Get a no-obligation free quote from Protect America!

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Traditional Landline Security System

Perhaps the best reason to choose a landline for monitored home security is its long history of success. At its core, a home security system is a combination of hardware and equipment that connects doors, locks, an alarm sound system, lighting, motion detectors, as well as interior and exterior cameras. That is a lot to keep connected! Therefore, a landline is considered by many people as a durable way to keep everything working properly. While there aren’t any known deficiencies about landline security systems, the fact is, wires can be cut. That is a disadvantage and it’s a big one!


An experienced burglar can enter a home in less than a minute and a home burglary will typically last between 10-12 minutes.  While a landline is considered to be more reliable because of the wired connections, it is just as vulnerable for those same connections. Many landline security systems are also becoming outdated when compared to the advanced technology of cellular security systems. However, there are still advantages, such as being less expensive and electrically powered.

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