From installing door and window sensors to ensuring that your surveillance cameras are up-to-date and functional, you do quite a bit to protect your home against invasion. Nonetheless, some of the most obvious ways to keep your home secure are among those most frequently ignored. We all manage to be responsible about some of these simpler forms of home security: letting our neighbors know when we go on vacations, being active in the community, establishing neighborhood watch programs. But you may have overlooked the fact that the way you landscape your property can either be a great benefit or detriment to your home security presence. Try these tips to make sure that your lawn is optimized for safety:

Don’t display absence

Much like how you might ask a neighbor to pick up your mail for you while you’re on vacation to maintain the image of tenancy, you’ll want to ensure that your lawn conveys the presence of an active homeowner. Allowing your yard and property to become overgrown and in general disrepair signals that you aren’t frequently around, at least not often enough to tend to the yardwork. In the eyes of a burglar, this makes your home an ideal target as their chances of finding it unattended seem higher. Avoid becoming a target by ensuring that your lawn is cut, shoveled or raked promptly (depending on the season), that your driveway is clear, and that you don’t leave decorations up long enough to become unseasonable (we’re sure your neighbors will appreciate this, too.)

Gardening for safeguarding

While the look of a well-kept yard will certainly serve as an indication to potential home invaders that you are present, there’s a bit more that foliage can do for you. Instead of acting simply as an image, try and create a yard that can actively serve as a deterrent to any sort of burglary or unwanted visitor. For example, planting rose bushes beneath any of your ground level windows will create an unpleasant obstacle for anyone looking for a simple and fast entry point into your home. Select your rose variety carefully, though, as not all of them have the kind of thorns able to keep away undesired parties. Try the voodoo rose,which is said to be more menacing than barbed wire. The same principle can be applied to fences running the property line. Though they could very easily provide a foothold for someone trying to climb onto your property, planting a vine or tree such as the climbing rose or the Washington hawthorn can make your fence sharp and pointed while maintaining a classic look.