Protect America offers the best wireless home security systems. Along with offering the best home security systems, there are many features you might want to remember to use. One of those features is the “Latchkey” option. This is an honest Latchkey Home Security review.

Latchkey is like a second layer of protection when it comes to your home security. Any of your home security door/window sensors can be set to operate on the latchkey option.


How it Works

Our home security experts at Protect America will help you program a specific sensor to operate on the latchkey feature. This means in order to disarm this specific sensor, you will need to disarm your system twice. If you only disarm your system by typing in your code once, that specific sensor alone will be armed while the rest of your home security system is disarmed.

For instance, if someone breaks into your home and they actually know your code, they simply disarm your system. Then they head to somewhere they know you have important things stored, but they don’t know that you have the latchkey feature set up. While they attempt to open the location, they will actually sound the alarm off. You can also set up this sensor to be silent. So if they set off the alarm they won’t hear it.

Where to Use Latchkey Sensors

The latchkey feature is often used for gun safes, medicine safes or cabinets, tool shes, garage storage units, and other important places where you keep valuables. It’s great to use for storage cabinets where important valuables are stored.

This feature is perfect if you often times have visitors, live in a home with kids, and just simply would like to add that second layer of protection to ensure the security.

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