Looking to replace your outdoor lights or install home security cameras? A new crowdfunded smart light, the LightCam, allows you to do both with the installation of just one device.

What is the LightCam?

The LightCam is essentially a lightbulb with a camera that is able to connect via WiFi to a smart phone app. In the app, users are able to view the past week’s 24/7 saved recordings in 1080P, giving them the ability to review anything they may have missed or need to see again. The app is encrypted end-to-end, solely keeping the recordings in the hands of the owner by preventing any other companies or parties to view the footage.

light bulb camera

What Features Does the LightCam Have?

Apparently, the LightCam does a lot compared to other traditional home security cameras. The creators boast the following abilities of the LightCam:

  • Users are able to change the temperature, color, and intensity of the light to match their home, and are able to set timers depending on when they want the light to turn on
  • LightCam’s round design allows it to film from all angles, reducing blind spots and maximizing the range of sight
  • LighCam’s camera is equipped with 1080p night vision and a wide-angle view
  • 2-Way communication, allowing users to talk back and forth with anyone near the light
  • Smart Motion detection

In addition, the LightCam can extend and retract to fit the size of the light bulb socket it is placed in, allowing the user to set the LightCam to their desired size. The camera also extends from the light itself and its angle can be adjusted to fit users’ individual preferences.


Where to Buy the LightCam

Because this is a crowdfunded project, sales are limited to the LightCam’s online website. The LightCam costs upwards of $200, but the creators are offering a 50% off deal for backers of their project for a limited time. Units are expected to be shipped out sometime later this year, during the summer.

Due to this being a crowdfunded project, we would advise people interested in purchasing the LightCam to do their own research and remember that there is always a possibility of the product not being delivered on time, deadlines not being met, or the product being cancelled due to insufficient funding. The LightCam has promising features, but at the end of the day it isn’t as dependable as having 24/7 monitored home security. Protect America offers affordable monitored home security that fits your lifestyle.

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