Finding local crime stats usually was a daunting task until the FBI began releasing crime statistics publicly on their website. Many people have begun to utilize this information, and Protect America has too.

Local Crime Stats Used by Protect America

Using the annual information we have created great resources to help inform people about local crime statics in their area. You can search statistics in almost every city ranging from violent crime, burglar, larceny and even registered sex offenders.

Our local crime stats tools are designed to prepare and let you know about what crimes you should watch out for. We actually built a page just so you can find the crime in your area, which you can find here: Local Crime Stats

A few of the crimes can actually be prevented by having a home security system. Most burglars won’t break into a home if they see that it has an alarm system. By just simply have a yard sign or window decals placed in the front of your home will lower the risk of your home being broken into. Even if someone were to break in, you’d have the protection you need right there and then. The alarm will automatically sound once someone enters your home where you have a sensor.

Crime Prevention by Using Local Crime Stats

Recognizing what issues your community is facing can prove to be beneficial. Whether it’s burglaries or auto-theft, you can help your city by alerting your neighbors. It’s all about crime prevention. Knowing how to stop an issue before it actually occurs can help you drastically. Crime prevention saves property, avoids injury and sometimes can even save lives. Whether its the intruder in a burglary or the victim during a theft, we want to help make our streets safer by providing home security solutions and useful information you can use to make your neighborhood safer.

According to the FBI local crime stats, in 2012, crimes like burglary in some cities like San Antonio showed a slight increase. In other cities certain crimes have decreased. Every year there is a change which can be attributed to many different factors like economical state depending on what city or town you’re in.

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Rest assured, at Protect America our main goal is to help protect your and your family. Whether it’s by having our easy to use affordable home security systems or by simply utilizing our free tools to search local crime stats, we want you to be secure.

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