After defeating the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Championship Series on Saturday, the Los Angeles Dodgers are heading back to the World Series. Although they lost to the Astros in the 2017 World Series, the Dodgers are clearly doing something right to earn their second appearance in a row. Unfortunately, not all memories of the World Series are joyful. Dodgers’ right fielder, Yasiel Puig, had his home broken into last year during a World Series game and police recommend preparing for that same possibility.

Celebrity-targeted burglaries seem to be a real issue in Los Angeles. Earlier this month, L.A. police arrested four suspects of burglarizing homes owned by celebrities such as Rihanna, Christina Millan and Robert Woods. After retrieving millions of dollars in total value of stolen property, police also found a list targeting other potential celebrity homes.


Los Angeles Celebrity Athlete Burglaries

Los Angeles celebrity athlete, LeBron James, was among the list of potential homes to burglarize. The suspects were eventually apprehended with a firearm as well as property belonging to L.A. Rams wide receiver, Robert Woods. With the obvious focus on celebrity athletes by burglars, L.A. police have offered their assistance to Dodgers players in preparing for a possible home invasion. Fox News stated;

“Police were reportedly working with players to make sure their home security systems were up to par to prevent break-ins and burglaries.”

Celebrity athlete home burglaries likely have something to do with the easily accessible information of their extremely valuable incomes as well as their schedules with specific times and locations for exactly when and where they will be. Most burglars want to avoid confrontation so the access of knowing exactly when a valuable home will be vacant is extremely useful. For instance, including the 2017 World Series break-in, Yasiel Puig has had his home burglarized an astonishing four times.

World Series Burglaries

The Dodgers are currently in Boston and won’t return to Los Angeles until Friday, making their homes especially vulnerable to break-ins. Even when they return home however, the chance of being burglarizes isn’t necessarily decreased. Puig’s home was targeted last year during Game 7 or the World Series, which was played in Los Angeles. Police have suggested that it was specifically targeted because they knew exactly where Puig was going to be and for how long. If they needed further proof he wouldn’t be home, they could have simply turned on the TV.


After LeBron James discovered he was on a list for potential homes to burglarize, the father of 3 reportedly, “beefed up security at his L.A. home in a major way.” Thankfully, L.A. Police have offered their services to players of the Dodgers to ensure all of their home security systems are properly, “beefed up.” Regardless of social status however, burglaries are an unfortunate occurrence that can happen to anyone. With approximately 4,800 burglaries happening every day, there’s no reason not to be prepared. Roughly 60% of convicted burglars stated that a home security system influenced their decision whether to break-in or not. With the advancements and affordability of security equipment today, practically anyone can share the same level of home security as celebrities.


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