We live in an increasingly digital age, that much is a fact of life. While the explosion of technological innovation we’ve seen over the past few decades has made our daily lives easier in many ways, it has also led us into precarious waters when it comes to identity protection and home security. These days, many of us are more likely to purchase something on Amazon and wait two days for the shipping than actually run out to the store and pick the item  up. While this is a considerable convenience, this uptick in mail traffic and online ordering requires a considerable increase in the steps we take to protect our mail. Each package or letter you have delivered to your home may contain sensitive information about you, your financial life and your personal decisions. Make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to protect that information by checking out these three identity protection tips:

Extra eyes

The reality of the matter is that you aren’t always going to be able to be home when a package or letter containing sensitive material is being delivered. Between work, family obligations and a social life, it’s just unrealistic to assume that you’ll be able to plan your schedule around the post office. That said, it can be an incredibly valuable asset to your safety and security to install a video surveillance camera somewhere near your front door or mailbox. This way, if  someone does take a package of yours following delivery, you’ll have a record of what actually happened. In most cases, this will greatly increase your likelihood of recovering the stolen property and avoiding any fraudulent charges or identity theft that might result.

Require confirmation

Most major parcel carrying services offer a range of options pertaining to the security of your package. While the expense may seem gratuitous when you’re ordering, it’s almost always worth it to pay a small fee for a tracking number. In most cases, you’ll be able to use this number to get updates about your shipment delivered to you in either an e-mail or a text message. Being able to receive early notification about the arrival of your mail will allow you to either get home in time to receive it, notify a family member or roommate that it is on it’s way or inform the carrier that you would like to delay the delivery another day. Further, one can often purchase parcel insurance along with a tracking number, which makes the carrier liable for any damages to the contents or mishandled property and personal information.

Optimize delivery locations/methods

One of the best ways to ensure that mail or packages containing sensitive information or property aren’t stolen is to have them delivered somewhere other than your home. If you have an office, the odds are decent that the building’s security presence is beyond that of your home. Having valuables delivered there instead of your house may be a solid option. Also, consider directing any financial correspondence or sensitive mail to your place of work or to a P.O. box. This way, you can pick up these pieces of mail at your own convenience without having to worry about theft.