At Protect America, we’ve put together a list of the 10 cities in Maine with the lowest burglary rates.

We call these cities “Burglary Safe Zones.” We’ve also made a list of the 10 cities in Maine with the highest burglary rates. We call these cities “Burglary Hot Spots.”

Our lists are based on data from the recent FBI Uniform Crime Report. We only counted cities that submitted burglary data.


2016 Maine Burglary Safe Zones

  1. Boothbay Harbor
    • Population 2,173, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: The English established Boothbay as a seasonal fishing camp, and the area still serves as a yachting and tourist destination.
  2. Van Buren
    • Population 2,065, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: This city is included in Francophone North America, because 76.65% of residents are habitual French speakers.
  3. Mechanic Falls
    • Population 3,003, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: Mechanic Falls is named after the mechanic who did early industrial work in the city.
  4. Cumberland
    • Population 7,641, Burglaries 6
    • Town trivia: Pullitzer Prize winning journalist, Matt Appuzzo calls Cumberland home.
  5. Eliot
    • Population 6,322 Burglaries 5
    • Town trivia: The first documented weathervane maker and coppersmith, Shem Drowne is from Eliot.
  6. Camden
    • Population 4,836, Burglaries 4
    • Town trivia: Cambden’s beauty has been captured in many films, including Stephen King’s “Thinner” and “In the Bedroom.” In the summer months, the towns’ population more than triples, thanks to tourists and residents who stay just for the summer.
  7. Kennebunkport
    • Population 3,571, Burglaries 3
    • Town trivia: Kennebunkport serves as the location for the summer home of former President, George H.W. Bush. World leaders invited to the home include Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, even Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Sarkozy, who were invited by George W. Bush in 2007.
  8. Phippsburg
    • Population 2,225, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: The Spirit Pond runestones, which had previously been considered a hoax by many academics were discovered in Phippsburg in 1971.
  9. Mount Desert
    • Population 2,073, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: Businesswoman, televsion personality, and friend to Snoop Lion, Martha Stewart, is from Mount Desert.
  10. Fort Kent
    • Population 3,992, Burglaries 4
    • Town trivia: An Olympic biathlete training center and annual CAN-AM doglsed race both call Fort Kent home.

2016 Maine Burglary Hot Spots

  1. Mexico
    • Population 2,594, Burglaries 34
    • Town trivia: Mexico is known for being a small mill town and the papermaking industry.
  2. Bridgton
    • Population 5,378, Burglaries 53
    • Town trivia: The setting for “The Mist,” a novel by Stephen King was inspired by Bridgton, and the town “Chester Mill” from his work, “Under the Dome” was also inspired by Bridgton.
  3. Rumford
    • Population 5,664, Burglaries 55
    • Town trivia: Frank Churchill, the songwriter and film composer for notable works like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” and “The Three Little Pigs,” is from Rumford.
  4. Belfast
    • Population 6,680, Burglaries 59
    • Town trivia: Films shot in Belfast include, “Peyton Place,” “Thinner,” and “In the Bedroom.”
  5. Augusta
    • Population 18,608, Burglaries 142
    • Town trivia: In more than a century, no Augusta police officer has been killed in the line of duty.
  6. Machias
    • Population 2,112, Burglaries 16
    • Town trivia: In the Passamaquoddy language, the word “Machias” translates to “bad little falls,” which refernces the river. The town is also home to the second naval battle in the American Revolution.
  7. Dixfield
    • Population 2,472, Burglaries 17
    • Town trivia: Known as “The Only One,” a town motto that was adopted because they were the only ones to claim that name.
  8. Winthrop
    • Population 5,962, Burglaries 40
    • Town trivia: Cobbossee lake which sits adjoined to Winthrop is known as one of the best bass-fishing lakes in America. The lake also features the only active inland water lighthouse in Maine, called Ladies Delight Light.
  9. Ashland
    • Population 1,241, Burglaries 8
    • Town trivia: In 1915, the lumber industry peaked in Ashland, though some logging still continues to this day.
  10. Biddeford
    • Population 21,355, Burglaries 131
    • Town trivia: The beginning of the 2009 PC adventure game, Black Mirror II, takes place in Biddeford. The town is also one of the earliest European settlements in the United States.


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