Buying flood sensors is easy, but making them? Isn’t that supposed to be difficult? For a homeowner with some tech savvy and skills, it’s not hard to create flood sensors that they can use with a home security system. That offers them peace of mind, and can help reduce any anxiety over the idea that water might get into the basement or a pipe might burst while they’re on vacation. Not every homeowner is going to want to make their own flood sensor — but doing so is certainly possible. It’s one of those tasks that a homeowner can do using platforms like Raspberry PI or an Arduino, so they can build their own system.


As a homeowner looks into making a flood sensor, they’ll quickly see that there are several options for doing that. These depend on what kind of platform the homeowner wants to use, along with the type of system they already have or are creating. Additionally, homeowners who have a system already may want to add flood sensors to it, and those sensors will need to be compatible with their current system in order to work correctly. Making them compatible takes some extra steps in some cases, in order to be sure that they’re going to do everything the homeowner expects from them once they’re operational.

Making a Flood Sensor Can be an Interesting Task

There are all kinds of fun things for a homeowner to do when they want home security and automation, and among those things is making a flood sensor. These sensors tell a homeowner about water and moisture levels, so the homeowner can know right away if there’s any kind of problem occurring with their home.

That could be from something like water getting into the basement during a hard rain, and it could also be from a burst pipe or an appliance that’s leaking.

No matter what’s causing the water, the water can cause damage — so it’s a good idea to reduce the chances of that by making sure that the flood sensor catches the problem quickly and sounds an alert. Then the homeowner gets notified, and has a lot better chance of getting the problem fixed quickly.

Most Homeowners Would Just Buy a Flood Sensor

The security system is a big part of the home for a lot of people today, but most of them just choose to buy flood sensors. Smart flood sensors can cost up to $60, and even the less technical ones that can’t be connected to a home automation system can cost around $15. That’s not so bad if only a couple are needed, but if there are a lot of places that need protection it can really add up to a lot of money. Fortunately, a flood sensor can be made and it will only cost a few dollars and a little bit of time and effort.


Working With the Right Security Company for Flood Sensing

For homeowners who want flood sensors they don’t have to create, or who need good monitoring options, it’s better to work with a security company. In addition to good sensors, they should look for a company that offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times
  • good customer service
  • high quality equipment

With all of those things going for it, a company can really provide a lot of quality and value to any homeowner. Then that homeowner is able to appreciate the peace of mind and true level of security the company offers.

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