Automation is all around us, but it seems like many of us still don’t have a particularly strong handle on what it is. It’s worth taking the time to understand it, however, as automation can have an immensely positive impact on your daily routine. One facet that you might not think to consider when trying to automate aspects of your life is home security. While the primary function that most people associate with home security is protection from potential burglars or home invaders, it can also serve as a means of making your life simpler. Check out our line of fantastic, automated home security products to see how you can simplify your home while simultaneously making it safer. In the spirit of keeping things simple, all of our automation equipment is covered by our lifetime warranty for as long as you subscribe to our home monitoring service.

Z-Wave Appliance Module

Everyone knows that feeling of finally getting everyone in the car, leaving the house and heading toward your destination only to remember that you’ve left the lights on in several rooms. Of course, this may only seem like a mild inconvenience at first, but it’s still one that can cost you in additional electric bill charges over time. Our Z-Wave Appliance Module allows you to control all of your lights, floor lamps and small appliances remotely via an application you download to your smartphone. Further, you can use this piece of equipment to increase the safety of your home while out of town. Turn the lights on at varying times during the day to create the appearance of people being home.

Z-Wave Door Lock

The fully automated Z-Wave Door Lock can prevent you from ever being locked out of your home again. This lock offers three ways to enter your home: traditional key access to the dead bolt, a wireless keypad with programmable entry codes,and through your cell phone with Protect America’s Smart Connect Application. The Smart Connect application also allows you to check the status of your lock at anytime, from anywhere. Outfit your external doors with these automated locks to ensure that you, and only you, can always gain access to your house when needed.

Flood and Freeze Sensors

A wonderful option for families with a vacation home or property that remains vacant for most of the year, our flood and freeze sensors can alert you to a potential crisis before it happens. Our flood sensors, when placed in at-risk areas such as the basement or attic, alert the monitoring center of your security system at the first sign of unwelcome water levels, giving you ample time to shut off the water supply. Our freeze sensors work in a similar fashion, letting you know when the temperature near your pipes begins to drop into the freezing range.