Are people always who they say they are? Unfortunately not, in the case of a Kansas couple who were spooked by a man claiming to be a Protection One employee.

“Something Wasn’t Right”

As KAKE in Kansas first reported, Kelly Billups and her boyfriend weren’t expecting a technician to come to their home. After all, they had installed a Vivint home security system just two days before. But here he was, a man claiming to be a Protection One employee. Immediately, Kelly and her boyfriend felt uneasy.

“He had a badge and a folder but he wasn’t very clean looking,” Billups said. “He was dressed in a baggy sweatshirt and jeans.”

The man told the couple that Vivint was going out of business and that Protection One would be taking over their home security, requesting that he enter the home to update the system. The man also wanted the couple to sign a new agreement. Immediately the couple knew that this man was not who he said he was.

“My first thought is that he wants to come in and go through our system and maybe get a code so that later he can break into our house and possibly steal something,” Billups said.

After telling the man to leave, the fake Protection One security  employee lurked around the corner. That was when the couple decided to call the police.

When the police had arrived, the man had already fled. It was later confirmed with the company that the man was not an employee of theirs. The man has still not been found. If anything comes from this bizarre story, Billups wants it to be a lesson.

“We want people to know there are people out there doing this because it could happen to them,” Billups said.

When technicians come into your home, you can’t always know if they are who they say they are. That is why installing a home security system yourself can not only save you money, but also protect your family from fradulent technicians.

Protecting Yourself With Self-Installation

You are putting yourself and your family at risk when you let a stranger into your home. But when it comes to home security, having a technician coming to your home at odd hours of the day isn’t the only option. By self-installing your home security, you can save money and setup your system how you want it, on your own terms.

Don’t worry about not being a trained technician. Setting up your home security system with Protect America is a breeze. When you order your system, it will get mailed to your home. From there, you simply call our trained installation experts, who will guide you through the simple setup process. No waiting, no strangers in your home, no problem. The next time that you are considering a home security provider for your home, go the DIY route with Protect America so the situation that happened to the Billups’ never happens to you.

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Cover photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons