Millennials are a unique demographic in that they grew up right alongside technology rather than being born into it or directly before it. As a result, millennials are perhaps the most uniquely suited group to adapt to technological trends as they occur and this obviously extends into the realm of home security. Home security systems are more advanced than ever and they are also more affordable than ever. Today, we are going to shift the focus of our discussion onto the best apartment security systems around for the millennial demographic. There are many security systems available on the marketplace, so let’s make sure we pull up the best of the best for our discussion.


Protect Your Apartment With Vivint Home Security

We’re going to start off our discussion by focusing on one of the most steadfast providers of home security in the nation, Vivint. Vivint has been providing excellent home security packages for years and they’ve developed packages that are perfect for the safety-aware millennial.

According to statistics pulled together by the Department of Justice, there is a criminal break-in occurring every 15 seconds in the United States of America. This means that more than 5,800 homes are being broken into on a daily basis.

With Vivint home security, there are multiple security package options available depending on the customer and the size of their budget and home. Typically, apartments tend to be smaller than homes which means that customers can get away with shopping for a smaller system which is ideal. Vivint’s calling card for success is three-fold:

  • High Quality Equipment – Top-rated security system products that are effective and long-lasting.
  • Automation – Automation is the key to the future and Vivint does a great job at making sure that all of their products can work independently, when needed.
  • Plan Flexibility – Finally, Vivint offers customers a variety of different home security options. From detailed systems that include door and window sensors all the way to smaller setups, the choices can be perfected for the needs of the customer.

Vivint isn’t a perfect company, however, and one of their major drawbacks is middling customer service. For millennials, customer service tends not to be as important as this demographic seems to know how to troubleshoot problems on their own. Still, if customer service is important than Vivint takes a hit in this category.

ADT Provides Quality Home Security For Apartments

Most discussions surrounding the world of home security are going to eventually rotate back to the company ADT. ADT is the oldest home security company in the nation as they’ve been in operation for 140 years. ADT is most well known for offering home security packages to larger homes, but they also have smaller packages for apartments.

The benefit of going to ADT for home security is that their packages are highly customizable. For apartment living, where excessive wiring can be problematic, ADT offers completely wireless systems at an affordable price. ADT also has great customer service and their pricing is rock solid.

Where ADT runs into problems, however, is the fact that their contracts tend to be longer and more ironclad. Apartment living means that homeowners may be leaving before their contract is up which means they’ll need to upgrade or transfer their security system, even if it doesn’t quite match up with the new living space.


Defend Your Home With Protect America’s Home Security Package

Ultimately, when someone goes looking for a home security package, what they really want is a product that keeps them safe at an affordable price. Protect America has been serving customers in the home security industry since 1992. For decades, Protect America has been working hard to become one of the top home security options in the country. Their calling card, and a huge reason for their success comes by way of their affordable pricing with little to no fees.

Protect America does not charge installation fees and customers will not be expected to sign into long and burdensome contracts. Instead, for as low as $30 per month, millennials can secure their home with up to $1,400 worth of equipment — all free at sign-up. For millennials who are interested in professionally monitored home security systems, now is the time to make a call and get an estimate.