We’ve all been there.

You’re multitasking. The pumpkin pie needs to be baked. Those potatoes aren’t going to mash themselves. Your mother in law is asking you the same question she asked an hour ago. Those who take on a Thanksgiving meal are brave, indeed. They might deem themselves gluttons for punishment when in the kitchen, but we like to think they’re the great jugglers of the holiday season.

We’re all bound to burn (or “thoroughly caramelize”, as we like to say) something when confronted with the architecture of a huge feast. Perhaps the dinner rolls were blackened. Maybe your turkey looks as if it just returned from a vacation on the face of the sun. But never you fear, culinary captains. Technology has come to the rescue. From your wireless home security systems company comes monitored smoke detectors. The key word here is monitored!

Monitored smoke detectors behave the same way as your wireless home security system. Once a problem is detected (in this case, the smoke from your flaming green bean casserole), a signal is dispatched to the authorities. Many smoke detectors simply make a sound to alert you, the homeowner, of a problem. These modern devices contact a monitoring station so you can focus on your family’s safety, if need be.

Not only that, these state-of-the art smoke detectors are photoelectric, as opposed to traditional ionization detectors. Sound like mumbo jumbo? See for yourself in this dramatic test why it’s extremely important to have photoelectric smoke detectors in your home as opposed to the ionized variety.

Good luck from Protect America, and may your cooking taste as wonderful as we imagine.