The company that used to refer to themselves as the “secret sauce” behind over 600 successful independent alarm companies over the past twenty years isn’t so secret anymore.

Monitronics, a subsidiary of the Ascent Capital Group Inc. and based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex who’s ranked number four on the SDM 100 list, has re-branded themselves with the name MONI Smart Security.

Monitronics has secured over a million residential and commercial customers in the United States for the past 20 years, and they’ve done so by strategically being unbranded, so that each independent dealer of their product could build their own identity and receive credit in local communities. But MONI has done a 180° turn on that approach, and the brand will now be marketed straight to consumer, with some splashes of their old techniques. So, what does this mean for the company exactly?

What the Re-Branding Means

The MONI products themselves won’t be seeing a change through this re-branding, but the company’s approach to business and strategy will.

The major change is that MONI will now operate as a direct to consumer company, so they won’t be as attached to their previous model of remaining hidden behind independent distributors of their product.

MONI is looking to show that there is indeed strength behind these individual dealers, and they believe that these dealers will compete much better in national markets due to the new approach to marketing, sales, and customer service backing.

But Bruce Mungiguerra, MONI’s Senior Vice President, said that the company isn’t making so much of a model change, but a “model enhancement.” MONI hopes that they’ll drive more leads and additional accounts for dealers, with the majority of what they generate still being passed on to independent dealers.

One re-branding did take place with a Monitronics product, however, the two-way talk system was changed to “SmartVoice.”

At this moment MONI monitors over a half a million accounts across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and has 450 dealers.

This re-branding effort took place over a 10 month period, and was led via marketing firm Thoma Thoma of Little Rock, Arkansas. This is MONI’s first re-branding since being established in 1994, and they revealed the news at the ISC West Conference.

About the MONI Product 

Other than the name change, “SmartVoice,” and a more direct to consumer business model, MONI remains similar to the old product offering.

The company will continue to provide home security that boasts many of the features of other brands on the market; smart device connectivity, home automation with partners like NEST, Amazon Echo, and others, and the company also does feature monitored home security — an important note since many popular products on the market today are DIY and end up being unmonitored.