When embarking on a vacation, whether with a loved one, the entire family, or just by yourself, safety and security should be a primary concern. In recent years, some vacation destinations, particularly ones in international destinations racked with drug or political issues, can be dangerous for tourists. Before you hope on a plane and go to that faraway place you’ve dreamed of seeing, it’s best to double check what you’re flying into.

What Makes a Vacation Destination Secure?

In many ways, this is obvious since a safe destination will have many of the same features as your home town. If you’re travelling to an international destination, the U.S. State Department has a list of “unsafe” destinations that Americans are discouraged from going to. Included on this list are Mexico, Egypt, Algeria, and Philippines. The primary reason for the U.S. to issue a travel warning is political strife, such as revolutions. However, Mexico has been on the list since 2012 due to drug violence.

List of Secure Vacation Destinations

This island to the west of England had seen a few decades of violence but peace treaties have largely helped calm things down. Today, Ireland enjoys a growing economy and low rates of crime. Major cities still have the same problems as all others so general caution is advised.

Latin America often gets characterized by violence and corruption but Costa Rica ia an outlier. The country has routinely ranked first in happiness indexes and enjoys a well deserved reputation for being eco-friendly. Combined with low rates of crime, it’s easy to see how Costa Rica could be consider a desirable, and safe, vacation destination.

Holland, or the Netherlands, has always been renowned for its tolerant culture and stable economy. Since the early 16th century, the country has been a refuge for persecuted people from across the continent. Today, the country is best known for a booming diamond industry and, of course, Amsterdam. While Amsterdam’s infamous “Red Light” district can be a little rowdy, the city, and the rest of the country, are known to be among the safest areas in the world.

List of Vacation Destinations to Avoid

The State Department is pretty quick to point out that safety in and around Israel’s major metro centers is comparable to other cities around the world. But caution is advised for anyone considering traveling to the northern part of the country or the West Bank.

Saudi Arabia enjoys a booming economy and relatively little crime. The country earned its spot on this list due to terrorist attacks. Though the State Department has comended Saudi royalty for their security gains, risk still exists for foreigners, especially from the West.

In recent years, El Salvador has seen an explosion of violence from street gangs, sending the murder rate through the roof. High risk of robbery, kidnapping, and death compelled the State Department to include the country on its travel advisory list in January 2013.

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