There are 4  Possessions Burglars Almost Always Steal: Cash, Jewelry, Electronics and Guns


According to the Bureau of Justice, the number of reported crime increased in 2012. Violent crime – including rape or sexual assault, robbery, aggravated and simple assault – increased from 22.6 victims per 1,000 people in 2011 to 26.1 in 2012. Due to an increase in theft, property crime – including burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft – increased from 138.7 per 1,000 households in 2011 to 155.8 in 2012. Home security systems help homeowners prevent and prepare for such an event, but many wonder what items are worth protecting. Burglars steal some objects more often than others. The most stolen items are Guns, Money, Jewelry and Electronics.

1. Thieves Love Cash Money: It’s all  about the Benjamins
It may sound like a given, but you should be aware that a thief will make off with cash. The main priority for burglars is to take items that are easy to carry or will make a lot of money upon sale. Cash is simple. A person with cash in his or her pocket isn’t suspicious because that’s the norm for most people. Avoid leaving dollar bills out in the open. Keep them in your wallet or a secure location. The harder a valuable object is to find, the less likely a burglar will take it. He or she will not spend a lot of time searching, as the risk of being caught goes up the longer he or she stays in your home.

2. Jewelry: Easy to Sell at a Pawnshop when Stolen from your Home
Jewelry is easy to steal to stash in a pocket and will make some money when it’s sold. Most burglars try to sell their stolen goods within 24 hours of acquiring them. The less time and distance they carry the item, the less likely they are to be caught. Your home alarm monitoring system should be set to keep an eye on rooms where you keep your valuables. A camera in the bedroom could catch a thief rifling through your jewelry box.

3. Electronics at Home are Targets for Robbers
Cellphones and tablets are easy to stow in a bag or pocket without drawing much attention. While small, these items are worth quite a bit of money. Televisions, computers, gaming consoles and stereo equipment are larger, but equally as appealing. A good computer could get a burglar quite a bit of cash. Put burglar alarms in rooms where you keep these objects so that you can catch a thief in the act. Maintain a list of your electronics’ serial numbers in case they are ever found in a pawn shop. Some police departments have programs where homeowners can register their items. When a piece of equipment is found, law enforcement will check its number against the registry to return it to the owner of the electronics.


4. Guns and other Weapons Should be Locked in a Gun Safe
Guns, Handguns, knives, and small weapons are easy to carry, are worth a lot of money and are useful. Secure guns, and  rifles in a gunsafe. They are, however, riskier to have on hand. You should always lock up any guns you own if only for the safety of your family. Gun safes are a great investment. If your gun or guns are ever stolen, notify law enforcement officials immediately. A criminal may use your weapon to commit a crime, and if the weapon is recovered, it will be traced back to you. Keep a list of your weapons’ serial numbers so you can relay that information to police. The item is also more likely to be recovered if you can identify its number on the barrel of the gun.