A motion detector light almost feels like magic. It just sits there, patiently waiting until it’s needed — and then someone walks by and all at once there’s light! But it can also come on when a dog runs down the street in front of the house, or a car goes by too slowly, or a bird flies by, or… All of that motion can become a serious problem, and that’s because motion detector lights really do just detect motion.

They don’t know anything about which motion a homeowner wants to see and which motion can be ignored. The way they work is through a sensor that “sees” when something moves, but doesn’t have the ability to detect what that object actually is. Fortunately, adjusting a motion detector light to be more or less sensitive is something that can be done to reduce “false positives” and keep the light from turning on for every little thing.


Using Motion Detector Lights for Protection

With the right choice for home security, a motion detector light can be part of the package and can be easily used for a higher level of protection. That’s good news for any homeowner who either has a motion detector light or who is thinking about getting one. Not every homeowner wants a motion detector light, but many homeowners choose them for an added level of peace of mind.

These lights are used in two ways: to light up the night for a homeowner who is moving around their own property, and to light up the night when someone else is moving around that homeowner’s property. Both are important for different reasons.

By being able to see when they need to do things and also being able to see if other people are around, homeowners feel safer and have more of what they need to stay safe and protected in and near their homes.

The Cost of Motion Detector Lights

The price of a motion detector light can vary from a few dollars up to hundreds, and the size and type of light plays a role in that. Additionally, how many motion detector lights a homeowner wants to use, where they are mounted, and if they are tied into a security system through smart controls also affect the price. In some cases, a motion sensor light can be turned on and off through a smartphone app, in case a homeowner wants to bypass the motion sensor portion of the light for some reason. In other cases, activation of the light will alert the homeowner, so they can take a look and determine if there is a problematic reason why the light was activated. Being able to see what triggered the light can help a homeowner secure their property and feel safer.


Make Sure the Value is There

When selecting the best home security company for a homeowner’s needs, the value of things like motion detector lights matter. When choosing a motion sensor light, make sure to think about the following:

    • The type of bulb used and how long it should last
    • The kind of sensor used and its reliability
    • The quality and value the company offers, as a whole
    • What special features they want and if the light offers them

All of those things should be kept in mind when considering any kind of motion sensor light, and that’s especially true for one that is tied to a monitored home security system. When a homeowner finds the right combination, they can definitely improve their peace of mind.

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