There are all kinds of motion detectors today, and one of the groups that’s becoming very popular with the home automation and security system is the group that looks like animals. Birds, especially, are popular choices for a motion detector design. They’re cute and small — and they can be put on a shelf or mounted on a wall where they just look like a decoration. Because they’re birds, putting them up high makes sense, so that reduces the chances of someone who breaks in thinking they’re a part of the security system. In the meantime, these detectors can be triggering cameras or setting off alarms.


But when a homeowner wants to buy motion detectors that look like birds, they need to choose detectors that look right. Some look more like detectors than others, and some are very cleverly disguised in ways that keep people from knowing what they are. That’s a good way to ensure that these detectors won’t really be seen by someone who breaks in, and that they’ll also blend into the background so the look of them won’t bother the homeowner. If they’re not too obvious they’ll just be part of the decoration in the home — but they’ll be adding to the peace of mind the whole time, as well.

Why Choose Motion Detectors At All?

Choosing motion detectors means a homeowner can get a lot of value from the system they use for security and automation. While it’s a good idea to have sensors at doors and windows, and to have sensors that alert when glass is broken, motion is still sometimes missed.

If a person somehow manages to avoid the sensors or disable them in some way, the motion detector will still pick up that there’s movement in the area. There are a couple of different types of motion detectors, so homeowners can choose what’s going to work for them.

What they select may not be the right choice for everyone, but what matters is that it works for them and keeps them and their belongings safe. Choosing motion detectors can also add to the peace of mind offered to a homeowner, which is important in a way that money can’t actually buy.

Some Motion Detectors Work Better Than Others

With a security system, homeowners need to make sure they have the right components. The motion detectors for this system can either be the standard option, or they can be the type with IR sensors. These sensors notice body heat instead of actual movement, but they’re still considered motion detectors because they detect when someone or something is moving around in the area — they just do it a little bit differently. No matter which motion detector a homeowner chooses, though, it’s vital that they get enough of them to protect their home and that these are installed right, placed correctly, and maintained in order to keep them working right.


Concealing Motion Detectors Can Be Important

It can be important to hide motion detectors, because someone who breaks in shouldn’t be able to easily spot them. That can lead to the detector being disabled, which can stop it from sounding an alarm or triggering cameras. With all of this in mind, homeowners need to consider how they want to hide the motion detectors. They should remember that the detectors:

  • need to be able to “see” what’s going on around them
  • don’t necessarily want to be seen
  • can look like something else
  • can be very small
  • could be used as decoration

Making these detectors look like something else can be a great way to help homeowners get what they need in the way of motion detectors.

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