Your security system is there to keep you and your family safe and secure, so what if it starts to beep. What should you do? The beeping was intended for you to come to the control panel and turn it off before the alarm sounds. It will give you information that can tell you where the trouble is coming from and this can prompt you to act. If you’re home alone or with your family, you should stay calm if the system begins to beep. There are several different reasons your system will start chirping and there are steps you can take to ensure that your family stays safe.


Accidents Can Happen

The first thing you should do is to check to make sure that you or one of your family members did not accidentally trip the alarm. There are times when you may open the sliding glass door to sit on the back porch for breakfast, but you forgot that the alarm was on. You may have thought you turned it off, but the device sounds.

  • Disarm the alarm after you’ve checked for dangers.
  • Arm and then rearm the system.
  • Check the status on the control panel.

Check for Dangers

If you know for certain you are not the cause of the beeping alarm system, you should then check for dangers. Be cautious and have your family gathered in a safe area of the house. Check to see if any of the windows and doors are open or broken. If you notice anything strange, you can call the police or allow your beeping system to alarm. Many modern security systems will alert the security company when there is an intrusion and depending on your policy, the company will then contact the authorities.

If nothing looks as though it is out of the ordinary, then you should consider checking your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. All-inclusive security systems can detect alterations in the levels of smoke or carbon monoxide.

Batteries Can Be an Issue

Some home security systems will sound with a repetitive beeping noise to let you know that the batteries are low. These types of batteries last approximately 3 to 5 years. Without a strong battery, you could risk an undetected intrusion into your home. Locate your system’s owner’s manual for the type of batteries you will need for the windows, doors, and motion sensors. Don’t forget to replace the backup battery too. Many contemporary control panels come with a backup battery in case of an outage. Once you change the batteries, your system should no longer beep.


When All Else Fails

After checking for accidents, dangers, and batteries, your device should no longer beep. If it continues to sound then you will have to call a professional to take a look at your system. When you’re ready to upgrade to a simple and affordable home security system, contact the professionals at  “We provide more than just home security products. We also offer convenience and safety through our home automation, GPS, and surveillance products — enabling our customers to have complete control of their home, from anywhere.”