September 1st – 7th is National Child Injury Prevention Week.

Parents typically safeguard their homes and improve all-around safety when it comes to their home, but this week actually reminds parents that you can’t ever be too prepared.

Kids spend a great amount of time either inside or outside at home. It can be easy to forget about safety issues around the house, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. It’s essential to be aware of the potential dangers around your home and really look into how ‘kid friendly’ your home is.

While small children and kids can be curious, the importance of child-proofing every inch of your home is truly important.

Here are several things to watch for:

  • Small items that could be choking hazards
  • Uncovered electrical outlets
  • Sharp corners on tables and other furniture
  • Long cords that a child could get tangled up in
  • Areas that need a safety gate, like in front of stairs or rooms a child shouldn’t enter
  • Any dangerous item (knives, glass objects, etc.) within a child’s reach

A Watchful Eye

Keeping an eye on your kids is important. Video surveillance cameras from Protect America can come in handy; knowing what they’re doing when they’re not in front of you is important especially when they’re young.

Watch from your phone by using Protect America’s Smartphone App, SMART Connect, or simply watch from your computer at

Fire Safety

A house fire is one of the most tragic and potentially deadly events a family can endure, so it is essential to be prepared. You can start by getting monitored smoke alarms that can connect right up with your security system. Next, you can pick up a few fire extinguishers and place them in as many rooms as possible. Finally, come up with several escape routes in case a fire breaks out. Rehearse a fire safety drill in which the entire family practices using these routes so they are ready to get away quickly during an emergency.

Child safety is a major issue for every parent. It’s a topic to focus on daily, and something we can examine in even greater detail this September 1st – 7th as we recognize National Child Injury Prevention Week.