A Closer Look at Night Vision Security Cameras

A good security system should definitely include night vision cameras, especially as that is when a large percentage of crimes and intrusions occur. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 options in night vision cameras for 2018.

Arlo – one of the most popular night vision cameras, and with good reason. This little guy is perfect for indoor use, and can also be used outside with one of the handy weatherproofing sleeves that are available.

Cloverloop Outdoor Camera – another great buy, this camera is rugged and while not unobtrusive, it will get the job done.

For heavy-duty use, check out the Foscam FI9901 that is sure to meet your needs. This bad boy offers night vision and motion detection services to keep your home safe, especially at night.

The delightful Yi 1080p home camera provides the night vision capabilities you need indoors. There is also an add-on service of cloud storage for an additional cost.


The Nest Indoor Night Vision Cam is a great solution for nurseries or roaming pets. This camera will also work with Alex which will come in handy on those nights when you think you hear something but don’t want to get out of bed.

All 5 of these night vision cameras are a great choice, and they are all part of a larger security system kit. While night vision capable surveillance cameras a great foundation for your home security system, they are definitely just the beginning! Keep reading to find out the complementary equipment that will round out your home security system.

Additional Equipment You Will Need to Complement Your Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras are just the beginning of your necessary gear for building an effective home security system. You will also need to take a closer look at:

  • Motion detectors will alert your phone or device when activated.
  • Contact sensors for doors and windows will both sound an alarm and notify you via an app that they have been triggered.
  • Recording mechanisms are essential if an incident should ever occur in your home as they will make insurance and police reporting that much easier.
  • Monitoring services help to guard your home around the clock and can notify emergency service providers when you are unable to perform that task.
  • Installation is a lot easier when someone else is taking care of it! Make sure that your system is set up properly and ready to go.

If the thought of choosing the right equipment, getting it installed and up and running is a bit too overwhelming for you, you are not alone!


Does All of this Talk of Equipment Needs Have You Wishing for a Simpler Solution?

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