Contrary to popular belief, burglars are more savvy than we give them credit for. Many of them plan their break-ins, are highly-attentive to details, and they’re even strategic once they get inside of a home.

Unfortunately for homeowners, they often play right into burglars hands by leaving clues of what they own, or actually aiding burglars.

In the post we’ll get in the mind of a burglar and look at your home from there perspective. Here are nine clues burglars are looking for:

Leave No Belongings Outside

Toys, flowers, and games outside?

These are the perfect hints to suggest that a family lives at this home, and not only is there a family, but this family likes the nicer  things in life.

If there are toys in the yard, that means that children probably have even nicer toys inside. And flowers outside? It seems likely that a wife is at the home, and if she likes nice flowers, she probably likes other nice and expensive items. Never leave these clues outside.


An Unkept Lawn and Home Exterior 

This tells a burglar that you don’t care too much about your property. If you aren’t concerned with the upkeep of the outside of your property, how will you deal with the inside?

Better yet, this likely means that you don’t have a home security system. Without a home security system, your home has a higher likelihood of being burglarized.

You Leave Tools Outside 

Oh, you’ve left common home tools outside? A ladder? A hammer? “This is perfect,” a burglar thinks. He can use the ladder to gain access to your second floor window. The hammer is a perfect device to break a window and enter the home. And a lawn morrow and garden supplies? “Perfect. I can sell these at a pawn shop,” the burglar thinks.

You’ve placed him a great position by leaving these items outside.

No Signs Warning of Home Security or a Dog

“How convenient,” a burglar thinks. He doesn’t see any mention of a home security system or a dog present on the property. This means he can burglarize the home with at least little threat of any deterrence present.

If the burglar is cunning and monitors your schedule, he can attack the home whenever he knows you are away.

Your Car or Home Have Promotional Decals

“Great!,” the burglar thinks. A family of four sticker? This means there’s a family in the home. More belongings are present to be taken.

“An NRA decal on the window of the home? Perfect!,” the burglar thinks. He now knows he needs to be careful, for if he breaks into the home guns are present, but he also knows that if he has a successful break-in, he can steal all of the homeowners guns.

What a great find for the burglar—these weapons are worth a lot of money.

Packages and Mail Piling Up at the Front Door 

“They’re away for vacation the burglar thinks.” What a great opportunity for the burglar. He realizes that homeowners are away through the simple fact of mail and packages being left on the front porch.

Had the homeowners been home, they would have picked up the packages. And they could have even asked friends, family, or neighbors to pick up the packages during their trip, but instead the homeowners left them outside. 

A Snow Storm Without Tracks 

Don’t think a burglar takes off due to inclement weather. If there’s heavy snow and a burglar realizes that a home is trackless—there’s no signs of movement of people or cars—then he knows that the home is vacant. He can go ahead and target that home for his next burglary.


He Can See Inside of the Home

Here the burglar can look through the door or window and see if a home security system is armed, or if there even is one present. If he notices there isn’t one? “Fabulous!,” he’ll think. He can go ahead with his crimes.

Better yet, windows and blinds are left open and a burglar gains exclusive access to see all of the possessions you own.

You Answer the Door to Strangers

“Great!,” the burglar thinks. “I can pretend I need directions in the neighborhood or I have a job to do.”

If you believe the burglar on either of these scenarios, he’ll have an even better chance at a successful break-in. 

Avoid These Common Mistakes

These are common mistakes that homeowners make. Some of them are simple things to forget, like leaving a blind or window open to see through, but others occur due to negligence.

Protecting your home against burglary isn’t only about having home security, but taking the proper precautions that are within your control.