Deciding on a home security system is not always easy, especially if you are investing in a security solution for the first time.


Did you know that each year the US experiences approximately 2.5 million burglaries? While burglaries, robberies, and theft are on a steady decline, it is due to the increase in homeowners installing home security systems of their own.

When you begin researching home security companies and solutions, it is important to consider whether you prefer a monthly fee for professional monitoring or if you are interested in a DIY solution monitored on your own. Understanding your options and comparing services provided is the first step before making a decision you truly feel satisfied with when protecting your home and family.

Traditional Monthly Fees and Costs

Home security companies that offer monitored solutions require a monthly fee that varies based on the system you want to install and the number of security cameras of pieces of equipment you plan to utilize. Most home security companies with monitored services cost anywhere from $19.99 to more than $199 each month, which is why it is advisable to compare multiple providers before settling on a decision.

Pros of Unmonitored Home Security Solutions

Not everyone prefers a monitored home security solution. If you want the ability to track and monitor your property on your own without paying a monthly fee, an unmonitored home security solution may be right for you. Some of the advantages of an unmonitored home security solution include:

  • Eliminate the monthly fee required for monitored home security packages.
  • DIY installation (cutting installation costs required by some home security companies).
  • Build your own home security system, allowing you to choose which security cameras and equipment to install.

Cons of Unmonitored Home Security Solutions

It is important to keep some of the disadvantages of unmonitored home security solutions in mind such as:

  • You are required to install your home security system without assistance or support.
  • You are responsible for implementing a DVR or desktop-based system to store and save recorded media.
  • There is a lack of rapid response whenever an alert is triggered in your home, which can leave you frantic if there is a break-in without an automatic report sent to local police.
  • It is necessary to have extensive technological abilities and skills in order to build and manage a comprehensive home security system on your own.


Advantages of Monitored Home Security Companies

Although choosing an unmonitored home security solution saves on monthly fees, it also leaves you solely responsible for calling police, triggering alarms, and reporting any incidents you capture to your local authorities. Additionally, some of the most notable advantages of choosing a monitored home security company include:

  • Instant alerts and communication with the home security company you choose. Receive alerts via text message, phone, or the central alarm system access panel you have installed in your home.
  • Automatic uploading and saving of videos and recordings to a cloud-based server or DVR system, eliminating the need to create a desktop-based solution of your own.
  • Monitored home security solutions also help to reduce home insurance rates depending on the service and provider you choose.

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