For those paying attention, it has been easy to see how technology is changing the way we live in our day-to-day lives. Technology has made so many different aspects of our lives easier and more affordable and that certainly extends to the role of home security. Once considered something of an expensive luxury, home security systems are now as affordable as anything else. Today, we are going to discuss all-in-one home security systems and what homeowners should expect out of the product.


All In One Security Systems: Key Features

When it comes to home security systems, one will find that many of the systems currently for sale are pretty much direct copies of one another. Home security systems, at their most basic, have a few key features that need to be included in order to operate correctly. Let’s go ahead and look at what customers should expect out of their own, all-in-one home security system.

With a home security system installed, homeowners can rest easy knowing that they’ve done everything possible to prevent future home break-ins.

Home alarm systems are comprised of a handful of different sorts of technology. When all of the following gadgets are included in a bundle, homeowners have everything they need to secure their home:

  1. Video Monitoring – Video recording devices are available in up to 4K definition. Video cameras are also available in color and night vision mode as well as indoors/outdoors.
  2. Door/Window Sensors – Making sure that windows are secured is as important as the door. Prevent break-ins through the window by installing direct-contact window and door sensors.
  3. Professional Monitoring – Having an outside company monitor the home security system for potential break-in’s is vital to staying safe and secure.
  4. Home Siren Alarm – Finally, an audible alarm goes a long way toward sending a potential criminal running.

With that out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about the best home security companies on the market.

Best All In One Home Security Systems Available

There are countless professional monitoring home security companies available in the industry. With that being said, only a handful of different companies actually stand out and set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

The most influential and effective home security companies are as follows: ADT, Protect America, Vivint. These DIY home security companies come with professional monitoring services, low monthly prices, and high-end hardware in order to secure even the largest of homes.


Protect America Is Affordable Home Security, Guaranteed!

When it comes to finding affordable home security systems for a home, not all companies are created equal. Despite the prevalence of options that are available on the internet, only a few key companies offer the perfect blend of price and professional monitoring. One of those great companies is Protect America, the 14th largest home security company in the residential market of the United States of America.

Protect America has only been in business for 26 years, but since they first opened their doors the company has managed to implement an incredible array of services at an affordable price. As a professionally monitored DIY home security company, Protect America offers personalized systems along with their home monitoring services for as low as $30 per month. Customers who are interested in adding Protect America to their home should also know that Protect America offers a price matching guarantee! Reach out to Protect America today for a free estimate!