We are seeing a very real and effective shift in homeowners around the world. More and more people are focusing on supplying their home with all of the important safety measures that are required in order to live a relaxing and carefree life. This manifests itself in homeowners turning to companies like Protect America in order to fill their home with complete wired security systems. This shift in property ownership has also pointed people toward improving other key aspects of home security, such as their smoke detectors. Today, our discussion will be centered on optical smoke detectors. What are optical smoke detectors? What do they do? Why should they be considered instead of a conventional smoke detector?


Optical smoke Detectors – Safety Made Easy

Any discussion surrounding smoke detectors is probably going to be a short one unless the people involved know what they are looking for. For a long time, the idea that smoke detectors could be improved upon seemed almost silly. After all, what more could a detector do? It was this mindset that brought us to the optical smoke detector, also known as the photoelectric smoke detector.

Optical smoke detectors improve on the conventional smoke detector and thus make your home safer than it has ever been.

Alright, so what exactly is an optical smoke detector? We’re glad that you asked. Optical smoke detectors completely change up the way that smoke detectors typically work. With an optical smoke detector, the alarm will be stationed with an infrared light source emitting from their bodies. This light source is aimed throughout the chamber that the detector is guarding. When smoke rolls into the room it will disrupt the IR light, reflecting back on the sensor, and thus triggering the alarm. Sounds pretty neat, right? So why is this a better way to detect smoke?

Benefits of Optical Smoke Detectors

Okay, so we know how optical smoke detectors work and they sound pretty neat. With that being said, why would someone opt for an optical smoke detector when they can buy a cheap detector from the local hardware store? As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to consider an optical/photoelectric smoke detector over any of the other conventional options.

  • Response Time – Optical smoke detectors respond quicker than conventional smoke detectors. Consider a smaller, smoldering fire. With this kind of fire, it will take awhile for enough smoke to be generated to disturb an old-fashioned smoke detector. An optical detector will respond much quicker.
  • Fewer False Triggers – Everybody has been cooking in the kitchen when their old smoke alarm went off — for no reason! False triggers are annoying and optical smoke detectors help to eliminate them.


Getting the Smoke Detector You Need

When it comes time to take care of a piece of property, getting the right hardware for the job is absolutely important. Homeowners don’t skimp out on their home security systems and that means they shouldn’t skimp out on doing the research to find the right smoke detectors to protect their home. Optical smoke detectors are an affordable and ingenious way to limit the very real dangers of a house fire.

Potential customers that want to really deck out their home security system should consider calling Protect America in order to receive a free quote and some advice on addressing their home security needs.