Not all security systems are created equal. Customers need to research their options before buying a home security system in order to find the model and company that best meets their needs. Reliable home security can fit the budget of almost any family but many options are overly expensive and require an inconvenient installation process.

Wireless Home Security Systems

The most cost effective security solution for concerned homeowners is a wireless home security system. Wireless options provide considerable savings when compared to hardwired security systems. Most wireless home alarm systems are designed to be installed by a customer without much technical expertise. Most wireless home security companies, like Protect America, also provide trained technicians that assist with installation over the phone.

Customers can even get a free wireless home security system from Protect America when they order a monitoring solution. A wireless home alarm system can be surprisingly affordable since there are no activation fees or installation costs. The only cost of a wireless home security system from Protect America is the monthly monitoring fee.

Other Home Alarm Systems

Hardwired security systems are the most readily available alternative for a wireless alarm setup. Installation of a hardwired home security system requires a trained technician to drill holes into walls in order to run wires. When a customer selects a hardwired home security option, they will be responsible for equipment costs and an activation fee. Customers will also be required to pay for an installation technician to come to their home. Total initial cost for a hardwired home security system can cost several hundreds of dollars.

Home Security Reviews

There is no shortage of home security reviews to be found online. Reviews from consumer organizations and customers can shine a light on the inner workings of a home security company. One of the highest rated home security companies is Protect America. Our website is packed with positive testimonials from our valued customers. We’ve also been awarded a 5-star rating from for the past five years.