The things that go bump in the night are often written off after childhood. Monsters in the closet. Creaks and scratches at the windows. Sounds like a spooky story for most. Unfortunately, though, there can still be some bumps in the night, even as adults. But don’t squeeze your pillow too hard just yet.


The safety and security of our loved ones is a hefty burden that we all gladly shoulder. Most of us would do just about anything for our family. So, when it comes to home security, why not make sure you have complete coverage and help at a moment’s notice. With ProtectAmerica, you get just that. Affordable and effective home security protection. Let’s take a moment to explore what a home security system can offer you and your family.

First Line of Defense

About 83 percent of the burglars said they would try to find out if the home had a security alarm before attempting to break in.

Just by virtue of alerting potential intruders that there is a security system in place, your possibility of a break in is reduced. Most burglars want to avoid being noticed, so the potential of alarms and sirens is a big no for most. In fact, if an intruder hits a house without being caught, they’re likely to try the same house again. Yikes! This is not a trend anyone wants to be part of.

With Protect America’s array of professional equipment, you can cover all the bases:

  • Motion detection
  • Wireless cameras
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

We strive to provide complete coverage for all our customers. With our price match guarantee, we will meet any comparable price, too, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Statistically Speaking

An astonishing 34% of burglars enter through the front door. 

There are more than a few ways to deter criminals from targeting your home. Barking dogs are one of the most effective for sending burglars the other direction. Knowing they are being watched on camera also tends to be a turn off for would-be robbers. We can’t offer a pack of snarling canines, but our wireless cameras are able to cover major entry points, which robbers often target.

Although an alarm system won’t stop all break ins, it significantly reduces the amount of time they stay in your house, or even if they try it, at all. Reduced time in your home means reduced property loss. And if your our monitoring equipment is ever out of service, we repair or replace it, free of charge.


Dependable and Affordable

It’s hard to put a price tag on the feeling of being violated. 

Protect America has been a nine time Consumer Digest best buy winner, with our price match guarantee listed as a highlight for consumers. We are also consistently ranked among the best home security systems by various security ranking services, such as which said ”Protect America is a top choice for customers seeking long-term value on wireless home security.”

Adding extra expenses can be a deal breaker for some. Fortunately, we have locked in rates, which ensure you’ll always know what you payment will be. And, with payments as low as $30 a month, the price for piece of mind becomes minimal. We can even offer you a free quote from one of our Protect America security professionals. See what our home security systems have to offer for you and yours.