Being the head of a home means that there are a lot of responsibilities to be aware of. Chief among those responsibilities is the fact that homeowners have to make sure that their property, and the people inside, are taken care of and secure. The easiest way to sleep soundly without worrying about security is by picking up a DIY security system from the local Walmart. While Walmart has plenty of security systems on their shelves, it can be hard to shift through all of the options. Today, we are going to narrow our focus in order to highlight the best home security systems available from Walmart. Let’s begin!


Best Walmart Security Systems In 2018

Walmart is one of the largest corporations in the world and they are one of the busiest retailers in America. Walmart is known for having affordable products that can be, at times, lesser in terms of quality. Still, Walmart has a few hidden gems on their shelves in the security system field and we feel compelled to highlight them for our readers. Keep on reading in order to find out which Walmart security systems are worth their price tag.

Did you know that the vast majority of property crimes occurred when the homeowner was out of the building? According to the FBI, nearly 85% of property crimes  occurred at an empty home.

  • Defender Wireless HD 1080p 4 Channel System – We are kicking off our list with one of the more comprehensive home security systems that Walmart has available. The Defender Wireless 4 channel system features 4 bullet cameras, 1080p video quality, and a DVR box with 1TB of memory. This is an excellent system for the average home.
  • Zimtown Wireless 8CH WiFi Security System – This is a completely wireless setup that features four bullet cameras and an 8-channel system. Built for outdoor usage, this system is equipped with night vision capabilities.
  • Ktaxon 8pc HD 720p WiFi System – For the final addition to our list of Walmart security systems, we turn to the Ktaxon 8pc HD WiFi security system. This completely wireless system is equipped with 8 bullet cameras that are all wirelessly connected to a central security panel.  This is a great system for outdoor usage but it could appropriately cover interior shots as well.

As can plainly be seen, Walmart carries many high-quality home security systems on their shelves. Out of the three that we listed, the question remains: which system is the best for the money?


Which Walmart Security System Is The Best?

While the vast majority of home security systems available at Walmart are going to be at least okay in quality, there are some options that are better than others. Leading the way in today’s rundown is the Defender Wireless HD 1080p 4-channel system. This 4-camera system was equipped with great technical specifications as well as excellent coverage. Defender has a series of different security systems that all have a ton of potential. People looking for a quick and easy system to install at home need look no further.

While Walmart’s home security systems were the highlight of today’s discussion, we feel compelled to talk about additional options for potential customers. Keep on reading in order to find a way to secure an entire home with little to no effort.

Protect America Offers Free Estimates For Security Systems

While there are plenty of DIY security systems available, there is nothing quite like leaving the work to a team of certified professionals. Protect America has been in the security industry since 1992 and they’ve rocketed up the leaderboard of popular companies, now ranking 14th nationally in terms of popularity. The reason for Protect America’s success has been simple: they offer great services at an affordable price.

Protect America’s monthly plans start at just $30 per month and the team at Protect America can offer free installation services, something that most professional security companies are not willing or able to do. Additionally, Protect America offers to price match any other plans, meaning that homeowners get the best price for their services. Call today for a free estimate and rest assured knowing that security is on the way.