Home security systems can protect more than just your doors and windows when you’re away from the home. By adding a panic button to your security system, your alarm can protect you and your family regardless of whether it is armed or not. A panic button can be a safety measure that ensures your family is always protected. This post will discuss the basics of what panic buttons can do for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Two Button Panic

Panic buttons come in all shapes and designs. They are usually small and meant for emergency use inside of the dwelling. Protect America’s two button panic device is small and discreet, but comes packed with a heavy punch. It is important that the panic button is easy to use. For this reason, it is designed to arm and disarm your system within 50 feet of the main control panel. One button will arm your system. The other button will disarm your system. Simply press the lock and unlock feature to enact the panic mode. 


Many people want to use this type of panic button to arm or disarm their systems quickly without entering a code. However, we recommend a keychain remote for this type of use. Like a panic button, keychain remotes will arm and disarm your system. They also have a panic setting and do basically the same thing as a panic button. However, keychains are meant to be used outside of the house… while panic buttons are meant to stay inside. Be extra careful with your keys if you have a keychain remote. Losing your keys with this device attached can be a vulnerability.


Where to Place Your Panic Button

The two button panic is recommended to be placed in a hidden location such as a drawer or underneath a cabinet. A favorable spot for the button is by your night stand for easy arming right before bed. Another great place for your panic button is in a home office. You may be working late and you’ll likely be seated at your desk. You can easily mount a panic button under your desk where it can be easily reached, yet completely concealed.

If you own a small business, you can also use a panic button with your system to keep your employees safe. Similar to using one in your office, Protect America’s two button panic device works great in rooms that valuable items are kept, under a receptionist’s desk, or under a store front counter. That way, you or one of your employees can always have a quick way to alert others in an emergency. The two button panic has a 24-hour panic setting that will summon the police if needed, anytime.

Medical Panic Pendant

Protect America also offers a medical panic pendant. It is similar to our two button panic device, but meant to be worn on a person rather than concealed. It is important to make sure the ones you love are protected when you are not there to help. Disasters can be unpredictable!


The medical pendant and wrist watch can assist in saving someones life by alerting medical authorities once the button is pressed. The medical panic pendant can be worn around the neck or as a pager. The wrist watch should be worn around your wrist. Both pieces of equipment are waterproof. Perfect for elderly parents, home security packages with medical panic alert provide security and life safety starting at just $19.99 per month.

The Miniature Pin-Pad

A miniature pin-pad is exactly what is sounds like! It is a smaller version of the pin-pad that exists on the panel of your home security system. However, instead of running to the panel when you walk in the door to disarm your system, consider using the convenience of a mini pin-pad. Placing these strategically throughout your home can come in handy when you least expect it. These pin pads have the capability to sends distress signals to alert the authorities. You also have the power to arm and disarm the system. The pin-pad is the perfect mix of security and convenience all in one!


Panic buttons are great components to have with your system. By placing them around your house, you’ll protect yourself, your family and your employees whether its day or night. Consider adding a panic pendant, two button panic, keychain remote, or mini pin-pad to your home security package today.