When looking to find peace of mind when it comes to your family, an alarm system can help make the difference to make your home feel secure. Before you opt for a home security system, it is important to acknowledge the different aspects that a modern system includes. As you may not already know, a home security system is generally made up of a few different pieces of equipment that all work together to protect your home and family from intruders. These devices that work together are all monitored by the central panel, which is then monitored by a professional central monitoring station. Let’s take a closer look. What are the parts of a modern home security system?


The Panel

The panel is the operations center for your entire alarm system. It checks in with each wireless sensor and other devices to make sure everything is working properly. It is the brain of your entire system and acts as the platform for you to key in your codes to arm or disarm your home.

At Protect America, we are driven to provide you the best home security system possible with the most advanced technology. For our panels, we use the Simon XTUnlike other wireless security systems, the Simon XT provides a full-featured home security platform that combines the best of home security with efficiency. Its one button arming makes it easy to secure your home and loved ones. We also offer  a touchscreen version that comes with hands free capabilities with its built in digital voice commands, for when you are unable to check for something on the main control panel.

Many panels include a mini pin-pad. Small yet effective and convenient, the mini pin-pad gives you pocket-sized home security protection. The pin pad allows you to arm, disarm, and even send emergency signals no matter where you are in your home.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are exactly what they sound like. They are the most common piece of security equipment when it comes to securing your home. Door or window sensors are used to detect when any door or window is opened.

They detect movement and disruption with micro-sensors in order to keep them efficient, small, and inconspicuous. These sensors create a magnetic field around your home. When this security field is broken, a message is immediately sent to the panel  which will then assess the situation. A door or window sensor should be placed on any easily accessible door or window to attain a secure home perimeter.

There are other specific types of door and window sensors, such as the glass-break sensor or garage door sensor. A garage door sensor will detect the tilt of the overhead door. The garage door sensor alerts your alarm system if an intruder enters through the garage. Once armed, if the garage door opens to a 45-degree angle, the sensor goes into an alarm condition, which can turn on the siren and automatically call the central monitoring station.

A glass-break sensor is specifically designed using pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass within a 20-foot radius. Use this sensor around easy accessible windows or glass doors that could be shattered to gain entry into your home. Typically you want to mount one in each living area or room for complete protection.

Motion Sensors

We understand that even the slightest movement can be indicative of danger—and you’ll want to be prepared in the event you’re unable to see or hear it. A motion sensors recognizes heat and movement within a 25-foot range in a 90-degree arc, you can confidently place the equipment in most nooks and crannies throughout your home. A good rule-of-thumb is to position them more heavily in high-traffic areas.

At Protect America, our motion detectors are designed with pets in mind, meaning that they won’t detect animals up to 40 lbs., reducing false alarms.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Every modern home security system should have the option to include video surveillance cameras. These days, we are always on the go. Whether you are traveling for work or heading to the beach to relax, we find ourselves spending less time at home. Unfortunately, being gone makes it a perfect time for a burglar to strike. The home security companies that do offer cameras, generally have different aspects to them that differ slightly across the board. These differentiations include remote access capabilities, WiFi capability, live feed access, and stored footage.

At Protect America, our cameras can do all of the above and more! WiFi compatible cameras give you true freedom of placing your cameras where they would be the most effective. We made it even easier for you to check in at home, anytime and anywhere, with our smart phone app. Also, you will stay notified with text notifications that can be read straight from your phone.


Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are small and discrete, but pack a heavy punch. They are designed to arm and disarm your system quickly. At Protect America, we offer a two-button device that can arm and disarm your system within 50 feet of the main control panel. You can also use the button to enact a panic mode that will alert the police in case of an emergency. The two button panic has a 24 hour panic setting that will summon the police if needed, anytime. Simply press the lock and unlock feature to enact the panic mode.

Complete Home Security

With so many choices, equipment and services, deciding on the right home security company can be a tough decision. Our goal is to empower people and make it easy to choose the right decision for their home and family, whether that’s Protect America or not. Protect America offers three different types of monitoring options to fit your needs and budget. Whatever your needs are, we can help you. Consider calling us today!