Did you know that a home intrusion occurs approximately every 13 seconds in the US alone? With more than 2 million burglaries reported throughout the United States annually, it is no wonder that so many families are committed to increasing the safety and security of their homes and household altogether through personal home security systems.


Before investing in a personal home security system that is right for you, compare all of the options available to determine a solution that is most fitting to your own lifestyle and needs.

Deterrents and Signage

Having a home security system installed can deter potential burglars and vandals by up to 66%. While home security signage has the possibility of keeping thieves and criminals at bay, it is not a guaranteed system to help prevent break-ins and potential losses from your household.

Standalone Cameras and Monitoring Systems

Investing in standalone cameras and setting up your own home monitoring system is another alternative that provides flexibility and freedom in terms of camera selection and the type of monitoring you prefer. When you choose to implement a standalone camera system, however, you are responsible for monitoring any alerts you receive and contacting the proper authorities or emergency responders.

Motion Detection Devices

Motion detection devices can also be purchased as standalone security equipment. Installing motion detection devices allows you to keep better track of all entrances, exits, and even windows that are not visible from all areas of your home. Using a motion detection device is possible with an individual system you have installed in addition to smartphone applications, depending on your own preferences.

App-Centric Home Security Systems

Application-centric home security systems are ideal for those on-the-go or for individuals who simply travel frequently for work or leisure. Having your home security system connected with your smartphone is a way to receive updates and alerts which can be ignored or responded to based on the cause of the alert itself. When you use an app-centric home security system, you are still responsible for alerting the appropriate emergency responders and filing police reports if you have been a victim of a burglary or another type of vandalism crime.

Monitored Systems and Devices

One way to ensure and guarantee the protection and monitoring of your home at all times is to invest in a monitored home security system, such as a system from Protect America. Protect America is the 16th leading home security company in the US and offers a wide range of customizable equipment and systems that are ideal for any type of lifestyle or property.


Whether you are interested in simply monitoring your home using your smartphone or if you prefer the luxury and peace of mind of 24/7 monitoring, Protect America has a solution for you. Some of the features that Protect America offers in comparison to the current competition in the market include:

  • Locked-in rates (which is not always possible with other contractual monitoring companies)
  • Customization options when selecting equipment that is best for your home’s layout and your security preferences
  • No installation fees, allowing you to get your home security system up and running in less time
  • Low monthly payments starting at $30, saving you money while also providing you and your family with peace of mind
  • 24/7 monitoring to keep track of potential fires, burglars, and vandals surrounding all areas of your home, both inside and out

Are you looking for a total and complete home security system with 24/7 monitoring? Contact Protect America to learn more about our system setups and to develop a customized solution that is optimal for your household’s needs today.