You might be interested in home security until you discover that many motion detectors are not pet-immune. However, we have good news. Protect America has pet-immune motion detectors for your home! However, many people often ask us just how pet-immune are our motion detectors? Is pet-immune technology a gimmick? In this post, we will answer these questions and provide some additional information about the pet immunity of our motion detectors.

About Our Motion Detectors:

We understand that even the slightest movement can be indicative of danger—and you’ll want to be prepared in the event you’re unable to see or hear it. That’s why our innovative motion detectors use both heat and movement to detect intruders when your alarm system is armed.

You can rest easy knowing that our motion sensors will shield and protect both your home and your family. We value protection just as much as simplicity and design. That’s why our motion detectors are both effective and easy to use. Since each motion detector recognizes heat and movement within a 25-foot range in a 90-degree arc, you can confidently place the equipment in most nooks and crannies throughout your home. A good rule-of-thumb is to position them more heavily in high-traffic areas.

What is Pet Immunity?

Pet immunity isn’t a gimmick. However, it’s also not a 100% effective technology. There are a number of detector models which perform the task in various ways. In the past, people ended up installing the PIR low on the wall and upside down as to provide a “pet alley”. This type of protection ignores the area near the floor.  A few years ago this was the only option for homes with free roaming pets. The problem with pet alley motion detection is your pet may not realize he or she is supposed to stay down there. Dogs jump on furniture and sometimes knock things over — especially when squirrels, postmen or other dogs are near a window. Cats are notorious for climbing on top of things in the house. They can even jump from the floor to the top of the refrigerator. We suspect that they do this mainly to test your alarm system while you’re at work.

How Pet Immune Are They?

Our motion detectors are designed with pets in mind, meaning that they won’t detect animals up to 40 pounds, reducing false alarms—and mini heart attacks. However, if your pet exceeds 40 pounds and you still want home security…there’s another solution. Instead of purchasing a motion detector, we have glass-break sensors that will detect the sound of breaking glass within a 20 foot radius! Use this sensor around easily accessible windows or glass doors that could be shattered to gain entry into your home. No need to even worry about whether or not your pet is setting your alarm off when you have as many options as there are here at Protect America!

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