Between locking down travel and lodging arrangements, finding a destination that’s exciting for the whole family and actually getting everyone in the car (or on the plane), planning a vacation requires a great deal of effort. We hate to add one more thing to your pre-departure checklist, but it’s important to ensure the security of your home before you go out of town for any overnight venture, particularly if you’re going to be gone for several days or more. Never fear, though: With Protect America’s state of the art home security equipment and these tips from our trusted experts, you can rest easy knowing that all is well back home. Bon Voyage!

Image is everything

One of the simplest ways to avoid any sort of home invasion while you’re away on vacation is by  presenting the image that you aren’t away. Burglary is a crime of opportunity, and would-be robbers will often select a house to ‘hit’ based on whether or not it appears to be vacant. Before you leave, notify one or more of your neighbors of your plan. Have them pick up your mail and newspapers each day to prevent them from accumulating  on your doorstep, as this is a sure sign of absence. Also, if you intend to be gone for longer than a few days, consider asking them to park their car in front of your house or in your driveway occasionally. Lastly, you may want to offer them a key to your home to have them turn on your lights at varying points during your trip. Or, if you’d rather have total control over this aspect, try installing our Z-Wave Appliance Modules in several rooms to give you control over lamps, lights and small appliances, even in your absence.

Video surveillance

The simple truth of the matter is that very little comes close to video surveillance in terms of overall value to your home security presence. With Video Security Cameras from Protect America, you’ll receive a number of benefits. Our security cameras offer online storage and archived video, so you’ll always have a record of any suspicious occurrences and, potentially, valuable evidence if a crime is to occur in your absence. Further, placing surveillance cameras outside of your home may have the same preventative effect described in the above paragraph; common sense dictates that a potential burglar would be less likely to rob or break into a home where he noticed security cameras. Also, take the power of home surveillance wherever you go with our Smart Connect Application, for both iPhone and Android, that gives you real-time access to your camera feeds no matter where you are.

Be smart…connect

Don’t make things overcomplicated. Be smart and always aware with Smart Connect from Protect America. Simply download our application to your mobile device to take control of your home security presence even when you’re on the go. Arm, disarm and view the status of your security system, gain access to your video surveillance feeds and control lights and appliances in your home (via our Z-Wave Appliance Module) through the simple to use interface.