There’s nothing like beating the heat in your own private pool. This statement of luxury and the ultimate summer lazy day brings in friends and family from near and far. With all the leisure and good times, however, come the need for some extra safety measures. If you have small children, you especially need to be cautious. Around 200 children end up drowning in backyard swimming pools every year, which makes it the leading cause of death for children between 1-4 years old. What can you do to keep your pool safe and fun for everyone?

Pool Safety For Your Home: 5 Things You Can Do Today to Protect Your Family


1: Post pool rules to be followed

Just because you’re not at the YMCA, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have official pool rules. Family and guests usually do riskier things in a private pool vs. a public one because they feel like there are no “rules”. However, you can prevent cannonballs, diving in the shallows, or general roughhousing with some official pool safety signs that you can easily get online or at your local pool equipment store. Some great rules to post are:

  • Never swim alone: use the buddy system!
  • No horseplay
  • No diving
  • Keep gate closed
  • No running
  • No glass allowed in pool area
  • Kids must use lifejackets

Having these words of wisdom posted in visible areas will help keep the pool safe.

2: Keep your pool fenced in

According to the American Red Cross, a fence that’s at least 4 feet high and with a secure latch can keep children out of the pool when they can’t be supervised. A self-latching gate is the safest because people can often forget to completely close the gate behind them. This rules out accidental entries from young children who don’t understand the risks of swimming alone. Also, the higher the fence, the less likely intruders will try to sneak into your pool while you’re on vacation too!

3: Use a pool cover

When you’re done swimming, take the time to put the safety cover back on the pool. This step makes it more difficult for small children to wander into the pool when nobody is watching. It also acts as a barrier between a small child and deep water!

4: Remove ladders and access steps when the pool is not in use

Another deterrent to keep people out of the pool is to make it hard to enter the pool. The absence of ladders and steps to get into the water sends the message that swimming time is over.


5: Install a pool alarm

This handy device will go off if anyone enters the pool when it’s activated. After your pool day is finished, simply turn on the alarm so that motion sensors will pick up on any unauthorized entry, whether it comes from a mischievous intruder or one of your kids.

Make pool safety a priority

The best way to make sure nobody enters your pool when it’s not in use is to get a pool alarm. Protect America has everything you need to equip your pool with the right sensors and system that will immediately report when someone enters the pool when it’s closed.