The hurdle many families face when researching security systems is not merely the overhead cost, but the additional fees and unknown charges that show up monthly. While companies do exist that are transparent, it is not always the case. It is why many homeowners now choose portable security systems. The possibilities in the palm of the hand go beyond money spent, in the long run.


Portable Power

  • Portable security systems are less expensive than most security equipment. The homeowner pays one time when purchasing a DIY portable security camera. The best part of the deal is the fact that the security units come in a kit with the tools and materials needed for an easy installation and activation.
  • No drilling holes into walls when a portable security system. Renters do not have to concern themselves with losing their security deposit because of the lack of damage done to feel protected. The portability of a wireless security system allows a person to move around without leaving behind holes in the wall.
  • A decade ago no one would have believed in the rate of speed technology has evolved in the field of security systems. Portable security systems are wireless and through WiFi connections, watching live feeds, using two-way audio, and even panning the camera is possible from a world away.
  • Smart devices did not even exist not so long ago, much less a portable security system that sends alerts that are triggered directly to one. However, every year we see a new generation of technology and the ability to automate everything from an app becomes more accessible than the one before.

Deciphering Draw Backs

  • Installation is might be simple with a starter kit for a portable security system. However, the possibility of additions and updating equipment is more likely than not.
  • If the homeowner is not using a monitoring service, it is up to them to alert law enforcement or fire in the case of emergency. Only the owner and those allowed to receive alerts can access what triggered the activation.
  • Limited support and customer services that comes with a portable security system may be off-putting for those who cannot monitor their home as much as they would want.

With that said, companies like Protect America offers free quotes and price match guarantees to guarantee a home is never left unmonitored. The 24 hour a day, seven days a week monitoring service maximizes their efforts at an affordable cost. Questions, concerns, and considerations are all taken seriously and approached by professional technicians in the field of home security systems.


Possibilities of a Portable Security System

  • High-quality video and two-way audio
  • Easy setup
  • Email and smart device notifications
  • Crash and Smash technology (tamper-proof technology)

Because there’s no need to drill and run wires during installation, wireless systems are easier take with you when you move. Most home security companies allow you to transfer your system to your new place with little hassle, especially if it has DIY installation options. This is great for renters who might switch apartments periodically.

Portable security systems are not a fit for everyone. Nor are they specially made for people who travel or leave their home unattended for extended periods of time. However, an easily accessible portable security system along with a service like Protect America leads to a safer home, whether gone for ten minutes or ten days.