Winter is almost here! Now is the perfect time to get your home ready for the winter months to limit the amount of panic and emergency costs. Here are a few thoughtful things you can do around the house to spare you and your family some stress as the cold weather sets in.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

We typically associate fans with the summer, but reversing them actually pushes warm air (instead of cool air) down. Heat rises, so it usually just sits near the top of the room when we really want it lower, near our bodies. Reversing ceiling fans is especially effective for rooms with high ceilings. Look around your ceiling fan for a little switch—typically on the side. It will reverse the direction the blades turn—just remember to turn it back for the summer.

Clean Up The Gutters

Fall brings a clutter of leaves—and it inevitably gets in all of your gutters. Cluttered gutters cause backups during winter storms, which in turn cause damage to your roof. Make sure you take the time to just clean them out now while it’s still manageable outside (and the leaves aren’t falling anymore).

Tune Up Your Heating System

The cold weather is just starting to come in, so your heating system is likely not yet in high gear, which makes it a perfect time to tune it up. Call in a technician to have a look at it to confirm that everything is operating perfectly—or patch it up if it’s not. This lets you rest safely knowing that your family is not in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and that you will all be able to stay warm throughout the winter. Getting this done earlier rather than later in the winter is ideal because it’s usually cheaper, and you won’t be stuck on the coldest day of the year, when it just so happens to decide to conk out, on a waitlist for the repairman.

Check On Your Roof

It’s a good idea to climb up to the roof of your home (or at least take a close look with binoculars from a distance) to check on its condition. Keep an eye out for damaged, loose, or missing shingles, since weak points in the roof can lead to leaks during winter storms. It’s better to get it fixed now rather than after the leak has happened and done its damage.

Sweep the Chimney

You may have read our post about the importance of chimney maintenance. There are many dangerous threats that an unkept chimney poses including chimney fires and toxic gasses. Hire a licensed and professional chimney sweep to inspect and clean your chimney as fall comes to a close to keep your property and its inhabitants safe.

Good luck!