Houston Home Alarm Failure

In a one month period, Bruce Watkins saw his home broken into during the middle of the night not once, not twice but THREE times! Burglars broke through his bathroom window and stole his coveted flat-screen TV every time, and understandably, Bruce was left so frightened that he began to keep a double-barrel shotgun by his bed when he went to sleep. This would be the right time to get a home security system, right? That’s where this story gets frightening. In the case of all three of these break-ins, Bruce’s ADT alarm system in his home never went off, according to the story.


When pressed on the issue, an ADT claims adjuster wrote to KHOU that the “intruders were careful to keep very close to the floor” in order to not set off the ADT motion detector. However, another customer affected with the same issue as Mr. Watkins tested his ADT system by arming it and getting as low to the floor as possible. Their ADT system went off every time. So why did this home alarm failure occur? According to KHOU, the ADT customer that tested the issue said, “It’s still a mystery, ADT could not tell us why it didn’t go off.” A frightening scenario for sure, but is this something that can happen to you? Can it be prevented?

How To Prevent Home Alarm Failure

With Protect America, we guarantee that our alarms will work while you sleep. There are a number of safety parameters in place to make sure that you are being protected during every burglary. That being said, there are a couple of things that customers can do to make sure that their alarm will go off in the case of a burglary and that the alarm will be reported to the nearest monitoring facility so that authorities can respond:

1. Run Monthly Maintenance on your Home Security Alarm

We recommend that all Protect America home security customers run routine maintenance on their system every month – and it’s super simple! Every month, call in to our CARE Department by dialing 1-800-951-5111 and hitting Option 4. One of our CARE Members will guide you through the process of testing your alarm without alerting the authorities to make sure your system is working properly. This process takes five minutes at the most, and it will assure you that your system will be armed like it should at night.

2. Don’t Ignore Low Battery Warnings

Our sensors run on common batteries that you can buy at any store. Keep a good stockpile on hand so that you are not left scrambling when your batteries run dry. When it comes to your panel battery, a message will let you know when your battery is beginning to run dry. A back-up battery is in place, should your main battery die, but it is not designed to last forever. When you get the low battery message on your panel, call in to our CARE Department and order a new battery as soon as you can. If you are worried about the extra cost that might come with ordering new standard or backup panel batteries, don’t! Our batteries come to you free-of-charge as part of our lifetime warranty.

3. Check Your Wireless Signal

Your wireless internet is what allows our systems to contact the local monitoring station. Run monthly tests on your internet modem to ensure that everything is working properly. One free test that we recommend is the Speed Test from Ookla. Click one button, and this free test will tell you what your download and upload speeds are on your modem in current conditions. If you are getting results that show that your internet speeds are running slower than usual, contact your internet provider.


These simple tips should help your home alarm system last. Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for more helpful information in the future, as well as our Facebook, Protect America and Twitter. Also keep track of our website, where we will be offering regular deals and incentives to our customers.