October is the start of Crime Prevention Month. This month is all about raising awareness and keeping our neighbors safe. Learn what issues and crimes your neighborhood or city is facing by looking into current news. Stay up to date with the crime so that you can learn how to protect your home and family.

Protection with a Home Security System

Predicting what crimes you might be more likely to incur is not always possible but understanding different crimes and being prepared can lead to a safer home.

To start off, a home security system provides a great deal of REAL security. Whether you’re protecting from burglars or even fires (sometimes even arsonist), home security packages now come with smoke detectors and other devices to make your home a lot safer. Having sensors on all of your doors and windows can prove to be beneficial. By simply having a home security yard sign in front of your home you will warn potential intruders that you have a system. This also helps protect you by giving you early detection of any dangers.

Unfortunately burglars aren’t always as dumb as we’d like them to be. Some burglars attempt to find ways around your alarm system. That’s why we provide second lines of defense such as motion detectors and glass break sensors.

Having a security system will make your home safer and prevent crime. Most people who commit crimes tend to be repeat offenders. So start securing your home and don’t let burglars take advantage of you.

From cameras to emergency panic buttons in your home, we provide it all. Affordable home security designed for you.

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