Affordability is a highly coveted characteristic when searching for the right home security company. Most people are looking for the best deal out there without having to compromise their safety in the process. Protect America is a great representation of affordable yet quality home security services. In fact, we believe that at Protect America, we’re America’s Home Security Experts®.

Protect America: A Brief Logo History

Starting from humble beginnings, the early Protect America logo used a star. The star design expanded to include the entire Protect America brand name.

Gradually the star design was refined and a red palette was selected.

The culmination of the star design incorporated faux-futuristic fonts.

Briefly, the logo was changed to highlight the fact that we’re America’s Home Security Experts®.

Protect America’s next logo used a keyhole to imply a home being secured. In addition to providing award-winning DIY installation, Protect America continues to offer professional installation, maintenance and repair of security and alarm systems for both homes and commercial businesses.

The new logo took on a variety of formats and alignments.

Above all we remained dedicated to ‘affordable security services’.

The current Protect America logo incorporates a new, modern blue color and an organic house shape.

Meeting Your Needs

The Protect America Peacemaker®, a linchpin of the home security industry.

Protect America is a pioneer of wireless security technology. For over 20 years, we’ve perfected excellence and affordability when it comes to securing your home. Protect America offers professionally monitored home security equipment at no cost with a lifetime warranty. In comparison, most companies in the home security industry charge full price for equipment or offer it at a reduced cost. Other companies will offer you free equipment, but then make you pay for replacement parts or a warranty. Protect America will honor a lifetime warranty by replacing any malfunctioning or broken parts for free – as long as you test your equipment on a monthly basis.

The Copper Package & Locked Rates

If you’re looking for a great value, Protect America offers some of the lowest pricing in the market for quality security solutions. In fact, we offer more free alarm equipment than any other company out there.  Monthly monitoring starts with the Copper Package at $19.99. Start-up equipment is free, making it easy for you to safeguard your home and family. Protect America also offers a price-lock guarantee, meaning that the monthly price of your agreement will never increase. Unlike many other companies, you are promised the same rate every month of your home security agreement.

DIY Installation

Additionally, Protect America promotes self-installation. Self-installation = $0 installation fees. You don’t have to worry about taking time off work to meet a technician at your home for a lengthy installation. Instead, a technician will guide you through a DIY install of your home security equipment – for free! Upon choosing Protect America, your customized package and easy-to-install equipment will be shipped to you… again, free of cost!

Customize it!

Protect America offers a 36-month agreement, similar to other security companies. The difference between us is that we offer you the equipment free of charge with a lifetime warranty. Protect America’s home security equipment is also easy to take with you. If you are planning on moving, we offer a relocation kit to help make the transition smooth and efficient. Want to customize your home security package? No problem. Not every home or every need is the same; therefore we can ensure you will receive the best possible deal.

At Protect America, we take pride in the affordability, simplicity, and adaptability of our home security packages. Upon choosing Protect America, make sure to ask about our Low Price Guarantee offer. We are confident enough that our security package promotions are the best price available online. If you find a lower price for the same home security solution we offered, Protect America will match the price. With each package catering to a different price point, we strive to offer you the best deal. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable security, then you’re looking for Protect America!

A history of Affordable Security Services

Protect America has been offering affordable security services since 1992. Our commitment to excellence has helped us protect over half a million families. Protect America was an early adopter of wireless security technology. This allowed us to keep costs low and provide America with the best affordable security services.