Our goal is to make society a safer place, one household at a time. Our customers take comfort in knowing their homes are protected, as well as those who make it special. Every day our clients remind us of our opportunity to help real people. They inspire us to be the best we can be.

Homeowners with our security systems don’t only safeguard their valuables – they save lives. Take Protect America customer Robert in Tennessee, for example. He shared his story on Angieslist.com:

“… as I was installing the system, the speaker came on and, after two beeps,  a voice said “Garage Door Open”. My daughter had just gone out the garage door. I REALLY like (that) this set up as a verbal announcement tells you exactly which door or window is opened, even when the alarm is disarmed. It may have already prevented a disaster from happening as I was in the living room and heard “POOL OPEN”. I looked out and my 6 year old twins had figured out how to stand on one of their toys to unlatch the newly installed “child proof ” gate and were heading in to retrieve a ball they had kicked over the fence into the deep end of the pool. Without the system, I would have not been able to intercede before something really bad happened.”

Whether it’s monitoring your children with a speaking alarm system or having text notifications sent to your cell phone when a family member comes home, know that the options are plentiful. Your loved ones’ safety is our top priority and help is always at your fingertips. Contact us anytime at 1-800-951-5190 for home security advice specific to your home and family.

As always, thank you for helping us Protect America.