Protect America offers the easiest to use and most effective home security equipment in the industry. With the DIY model set up, ProtectAmericaoffers a great solution to protecting your home while staying on a budget. You can get interactive home security equipment at a great cost.

About Protect America

Protect America offers the new Simon XT alarm system for all new customers with approved credit. The Simon XT features an illuminated screen for easy to read display and operation. The Simon XT allows you to monitor your home, and up to 40 possible entry points. The home security panel actually can hold up to 40 different sensors or pieces of equipment. You can program an array of different products ranging from a simple keychain or touch screen touchpad to a smoke detector or garage door sensor.

This home security system allows you to install remotes and touchpads that connect to the alarm system and will allow you to control the alarm system. You can arm the system from up to 100 ft away with these. The also have the same features as a keychain. You can arm and disarm the system and also send emergency signals from the actual alarm panel.

You also have options to install environmental sensors such as flood, freeze, heat, CO2 and smoke detectors. Protect your home from environmental hazards. These sensors are 24 hour sensors and will alarm you even if your system is on or off.

We also do offer security cameras that you can watch from your computer or cell phone. You can pan the cameras from left to right to watch your beloved family and belongings a little closer. These cameras are wireless and can be installed in any home that has high speed internet.

Car Security

At Protect America we also have security for any Car owner. Get a GPS tracking system set up on your vehicle to monitor where its at all the time. This is great for parents who let their child borrow their car and business owners who want to keep a closer eye on their workers if they have delivery drivers.

Aside from the regular door and window sensors, PA also offers glass break detectors and overhead garage door sensors to protect your home a little better. Home Security has never been so easy. Protect America is a one stop shop for your home security needs.

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