As the warm weather draws us outdoors, keep in mind that neighborhoods will be emptier and thieves will be looking to take advantage. Having a security system is paramount, but what else can you do to secure your home when going on vacation or even to the park for the afternoon? Watch below as Protect America and Fox News share some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim this summer!


Summer Burglary Tips

1. Resist sharing too much on social media

“Checking in” publicly while at an airport or announcing that you’re leaving in three days is like putting a blinking “vacant” sign above your home. Remember, it’s not unheard-of to be burglarized by someone you are connected to in some way.

2. Maintain a lived-in appearance

Make it look like you’re home! Stop newspaper delivery or have a neighbor pick them up. Mow your lawn before you leave, and even put your TV on a timer so the blue glow gives the effect of activity within your house.

3. No hiding keys outside

Ask any police department and they’ll tell you: hiding keys under doormats is a bad idea. Crooks are known to seek these out as an easy way in. Give a key to a trusted neighbor instead.

4. Unplug your garage door

Make it harder for criminals to break in by unplugging your garage door opener. This will make it impossible for them to use a universal remote to open it. Also, lock the door leading to the garage from the inside of your home.

5. Do a final walk-through

Are all doors and windows locked? Is your phone connected to the security system for live alerts? Is your garage door unplugged? Spending 5 minutes on a walk-through could save you thousands of dollars in stolen property and damage.

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Cover photo by Nicola