If you’re trying to decide between Protect America and Alarm Force, you might be thinking that most home security companies are the same. Both companies offer home security systems and monthly monitoring contracts. Both companies offer ancillary home security equipment like surveillance cameras and home automation device. However, there are some serious differences in these two home security companies.

Higher Prices, Less Equipment

The first thing you’re going to notice in comparing Protect America with Alarm Force is that Alarm Force is much more expensive and gives you less equipment. Protect America starts at $19.99/month with our Copper Package. Alarm Force starts at $25/month. Even though $5 per month might not seem like a lot, over the course of a 36 month security contract, you’ll be overpaying by $180.

And, Alarm Force will charge you more for less. A particularly upsetting fact about Alarm Force is that they only give you 2 door and window sensors with their basic home security package. 3 sensors is the industry norm.

Additionally, Alarm Force dissuades you from using window sensors. Instead, they recommend motion detectors to detect window break-ins. This advice is dangerous since you can’t use motion detectors when you’re at home. So at night, you’ll have nothing to protect your windows from break-in.

“I won’t own my equipment?”

How do you feel about paying for home security equipment that you won’t get to own? That’s right, with Alarm Force you’ll never get ownership of your equipment. At Protect America, we couldn’t be more different. You own your security equipment the moment you receive it. And, your equipment is protected by our lifetime equipment replacement plan. That means if anything ever goes wrong with a piece of your security equipment, we’ll work with you to replace it. Talk to a security consultant today for more information.

The Protect America Difference

Objectively, Alarm Force would be a terrible choice for a home security company. We wouldn’t wish Alarm Force on anyone. Instead, Protect America offers something different.

First, Protect America offers a lowest price guarantee. That means if you find a better deal in your first few days with our family, we’ll gladly match it. Also, Protect America offers no installation or activation fees. This means that even though you would pay hundreds of dollars to get started with another home security company, Protect America makes it easy for you to get protected.

If you’re looking for home security, we understand that shopping around can be hard. Call Protect America’s main line today to get a free consultation from a security expert.