If you’re looking for home security systems, you might be comparing Protect America with Guardian Protection. Both companies offer monitored alarm systems. Protect America serves all states within the United States. Guardian only services Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, the differences between Protect America and Guardian Protection run far deeper than the states they serve.


Protect America vs. Guardian’s Prices

The first thing you’re going to notice that sets Protect America apart from Guardian Protection is the difference in price. Protect America starts at $19.99/month. Guardian starts at $10 more, $29.95/month. Even though this difference may seem small, over the course of a 36 month contract, that’s a difference of 360 dollars.

To put that into context, Guardian is more expensive than Protect America by:

  • 135 gallons of gas,
  • 1 Playstation 4,
  • 18 ounces of silver,
  • 101 Starbucks lattes, or
  • 44 movie tickets.

That’s right, you could drive across the United States with the gas money you would save by choosing Protect America.

Protect America vs. Guardian’s Warranty

But, if you’re paying more with Guardian per month, you might think you would be saving money with things like equipment costs. You would be wrong. Protect America offers a lifetime equipment replacement plan. This means if for some reason a sensor or panel stops working, we’ll send you a new one. Speak with a security consultant to learn more.

In contrast, Guardian’s equipment replacement costs can be quite substantial. A home security industry magazine, Best Home Security Companys, says that “Repair fees outside of Guardian Protection Service’s extensive warranty can be quite costly.” As you could imagine, if equipment costs aren’t covered by your agreement, the price of new sensors and panels could really add up.


Protect America’s Lowest Price Guarantee

One thing that only Protect America will offer is a Low Price Guarantee. This means that if you find a security company with a cheaper price for the same service, we’ll match it. After you decide to get a home security system form Protect America, you’ll have 10 days to find out if any other companies offer a lower price. If you find a cheaper price, we’ll match it. Talk with a Protect America security consultant today to learn more.

Need a Free Consultation?

We understand that home security can be an extremely difficult thing to shop for. From selecting the equipment to choosing your monitoring, home security can be a tough subject to understand. You might need a bit of help. At Protect America, we’re happy to offer a free consultation to any one who’s just looking for a point in the right direction.