Protect America offers wireless home security. This means, customers can now monitor their systems without having a phone line, or internet connected directly to their alarm systems. Being able to have a wireless home security system has great benefits.

Wireless Home Security Cuts Cost

By having this type of monitoring it allows you to save money and avoid paying a monthly cost for a land line phone that you probably never use. A lot of people only have a land line phone because it’s what their home security connects off of. The great thing about going wireless is that the system connects using a GSM module built inside the actual system. This operates just like a cell phone and connects to cell towers any time the alarm goes off.

Wireless Home Security is Interactive

When you sign up with Protect America wireless home security, you get a free app for your smart phone. You can download the app to an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device. The application will allow you to keep a closer eye on all of your belongings and home. You can even arm and disarm the system from your phone from anywhere in the world. It will also notify you almost immediately if the alarm goes off. You can also set up email alerts as well.

Safety Features

Along with having almost immediate alerts when you set up wireless monitoring you will have a view in the app which doors are open at what time. You can also see what doors are open if you leave any open when you arm the system. Also, you set up different arming and disarming codes for everyone who operates the system so you can see who armed it and disarmed it.

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