As we enter warmer months, many people are planning their big summer vacation. Whether its a family trip to the beach, a couples cruise or a road trip to visit family, spending time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life is a great way to relax and de-stress. However, nothing ruins a nice vacation like coming home to find that your home has been broken into and your valuables have been stolen. You can protect your home while on vacation with these helpful tips:


Talk to your neighbors

Your neighbors are often your best resources when it comes to protecting your home from invasion while you are out of town. There are a lot of little things that they can do that will make a difference in the long run. Firstly, ask them to collect your mail and newspapers for you while you are gone. Not only will this keep your mail safe but an overstuffed mailbox is a clear sign to would-be robbers that the residents are out of town. Additionally, asking a neighbor if they wouldn’t mind parking in your driveway while you are away will make it seem as though someone is still at home. Perhaps the best thing your neighbors can do for you is keep an eye on your house and report any trouble as soon as it arises.

Invest in automatic lights

Leaving your lights on while you are away is a sure way to not only run up your electric bill, but also damage the environment. However, a dark house is an international sign for an empty house, making your home a prime target for burglary. There are a few options when it comes to energy-efficient security lighting. First, consider installing motion-activated exterior floodlights. These bright lights save electricity by only illuminating when something moves in front of them. In addition, the SMART Connect app for your wireless security system allows you to remotely control your home’s lighting from your mobile phone. Use this feature to switch on your lights for a bit each day you are away. Just don’t forget to turn them off as well!

Install eyes on the inside

Video surveillance cameras are great for keeping a watchful eye on your belongings. Home security systems broadcast a live image to your mobile device so you can stay updated on your house’s status from anywhere. Of course, being able to check in isn’t just good for avoiding burglary, it is also a very useful way of keeping track of maintenance workers, babysitters and pets.


Window treatment

You may be tempted to draw your blinds when you leave in order to discourage prying eyes. However, completely blocking all your windows makes it difficult for neighbors or the police to check on your home. The best thing to do is leave your window treatments in the same position you do when you are home. If you normally have your blinds drawn, leave them that way, but if you don’t, then leave them open. This will prevent your home from looking conspicuously empty from the street. Always be sure to remove any valuables like jewelry or money from view of the windows.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons