Home security is about protecting the things that matter most to you. It’s about having a safety net in that one circumstance you wish never happens to you. Some people would describe their home security a bit differently, but the idea remains the same.

A few years back, I remember speaking to an elderly woman when I first started at Protect America. We spoke over the phone about why she needed sensors on all of her windows. The whole conversation was me trying to explain why exactly we recommend to be fully covered. She explained how she lived alone and had a small pet dog “Charlie” that she cared for very much. She then stated, she didn’t think she needed it. In a very sweet voice she said, “I sleep with a Colt 45 magnum in my nightstand”. Awkwardly laughing, I then said well that definitely sounds like protection. She said her husband had passed not too long ago but that he always taught her how to defend herself. She gave me her direct number and told me to call her whenever we had some specials. She wanted to think about making the purchase.

Weeks later, I called her and she remembered our conversation. I was able to get her all of her sensors at a discounted price, and was able to program them directly into her panel remotely when she received them. She actually was even able to mount them by herself. She then thanked me because she really did understand that protecting her things and her valuables meant a lot. She knew this meant protection for her, her home or belongings if she ever was gone; and it meant protection for her little dog Charlie. After testing and doing the usual routine, she said “Thank you. I’ll be able to sleep better at night.” I couldn’t help but think how she felt, especially being with out her husband. I told myself, I wanted to do everything I could to make sure we got her home secured and protected. I made sure to explain to call us once a month to do a monthly test and even gave her my direct line if she needed me.

These happenings and occurrences give you a sense of accomplishment. You really build a relationship with these people and understand them.

At times customer service and helping a disgruntled customer can be a little rough. You always hope the conversation will start off well, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen that way. Some say the home security business is a little rough due to all the variables that go in when it comes to protecting someone’s home. There are contracts, sensors, wiring connections, and uncalculated variables that some times the people who purchase home security never think of.

Whatever the case may be, home security for us is about protecting your home and family. It’s about protecting the things you love and we understand that. At Protect America we are constantly growing with our customers and innovating the way the home security industry will change for the better. We know it may be impossible to be perfect, but we strive for that every day.