One of the most important things that someone can do to decrease the chance of experiencing property crime is installing a home security system. However, there are still a number of other things that can be done to decrease the chance that a home will be targeted by a burglar. Today we are focusing on the front porch of your home, which is an often time where a burglar will go first. Follow these 7 tips for protecting your front porch in order to keep your home and family safe!

  1. A great strategy for protecting your porch is to get to know your neighbors when you move into your home. If you have lived somewhere for a while and still don’t really know your neighbors, it’s never too late to make the connection.
  2. Join or consider funding a neighborhood watch program in your area. “Caring, watchful neighbors can be one of your best defenses against a break-in,” says one of Protect America’s security experts, Jeff Butler. “By getting to know you, they’ll also get to know who does – and doesn’t – belong in your home when you’re away.” porch-186402_1280
  3. Make sure your porch is well lit, especially at night. Burglars do not work in well-lit areas because the chance of being caught is much higher than working in the dark. Making sure that outdoor lighting is always functioning well is an important aspect of maintaining a safe property. Consider motion sensing lights to save on energy and also note that Protect America offers appliance modules, which can put lights on a timer for you while you’re away. However, having a well lit front porch means nothing if the back side of a house is not lit at all. Do a once over when the sun goes down and check each side of your home to make sure there are no dark hiding places for burglars to hide.
  4. Invest in a home security system.  New technologies and responsive home security companies like Protect America are making it possible for renters and homeowners to install professionally monitored home security systems at a more affordable price than many of the larger companies in the industry. Protect America offers monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month!
  5. If you decide to get a home security system, consider installing a real or fake security camera to either take real surveillance footage of the area or act as a burglar deterrent. People who see the camera, whether it is real or not, are less inclined to commit a criminal act. Everyone is on their best behavior when they think they’re being watched. And if you do get burglarized, security cameras can act as an incredibly useful tool when filing insurance claims or proving an incident.
  6. The presence of mail or newspaper buildup is a huge tipoff to burglars. Place a hold on mail delivery if you know you’re going to be out of town for a certain amount of time. This brings us to our next tip: package thieves. letterbox-211428_1280
  7. Watch out for packages that may be delivered during the day, when people are generally at work. Package burglars or “porch pirates” are certainly nothing new. Over the years there have been countless cases of this type of theft. It generally picks up during the holiday season, when more packages are being delivered for holiday gifts. However, your packages can be stolen at any time of the year. For example, in August a woman was caught on camera ripping off packages from homes in Portland. Consider tracking your packages and possibly having them sent to a relative or neighbor if you think you’ll be out of town when they will be delivered.